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When I was a child, protecting children from seeing what they shouldn’t involved the television watershed, ‘rude’ magazines being on the top hard to reach shelves and having a curfew when we had to come in from playing. With today’s technology generation, it’s a whole different ball game, and this is where HomeHalo comes in.It’s alarming what can be seen these days at the click of a mouse, tap of a smart phone or tablet. A lot of parents feel that they can protect their children, by telling them not to search for certain things online and to stick to searching for ‘child friendly’ terms.

This is actually a good idea, however sometimes they don’t need to search for a specific rude term to end up viewing something that they shouldn’t.

A good example of this, is when my children first discovered YouTube. I had the filters on for safe searches, and instructed them to stick to Lego videos…as Lego is a safe term right? Well, after catching one of my children listening to a Lego Robin tell Batman to suck something that wasn’t a lollipop, I realised that the internet is a real minefield when you have children whose innocence you want to protect.

There is no way of making sure one hundred percent, that our children don’t see things that we don’t want them to, but with homehalo the percentage is improved a lot.

Homehalo is essentially a wifi router, that can be used to block dodgy websites, set time limits for internet use and even lets you set different rules for each child and each device in the house. So, if you have a persistent rule breaker who looks at things they shouldn’t on purpose, or even who sneaks on their device when they shouldn’t, then you can block their device.

This of course also means that you can still access websites yourself that you might not deem suitable for young children, and you will be more protected from scams and viruses.

Homehalo Competition

The lovely people at homehalo have given me a homehalo to offer as a competition prize for one lucky reader. Once you have the homehalo and register it, you will have a free 30 day subscription. It should only be around £3 a month afterwards, if you choose to carry on with it.

If you’d like to try to win, then enter via the rafflecopter below.

Stevie x

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