Homeschooling The First Two Weeks


I had a letter from the Education Welfare Service this week, about our choice to homeschool and I won’t lie it made me panic for a second.


They want to arrange a meeting to discuss our home school plans and my first thought was eek they might decide that he has to go back to school and force us to do something that we don’t want to do. Then I actually read the letter and leaflet that they had sent me, and realised that of course they want to chat to us.


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With it being a legal requirement to give children an education, they obviously need and want to check that this is exactly what we’ll be doing. Not only that, but it’s actually reassuring that they want to check in with us about the teens’ schooling and welfare. Plus I feel pretty confident that they’ll be happy with the direction that home school is going for the teen.


The first two weeks of homeschooling a teenager



We’re only two weeks in – this week and next are both half term weeks for both boys, as we’re sticking to the school holiday schedule of his brother’s secondary school. However, in the two weeks that we have been homeschooling, we have made a lot of progress, gotten a lot of work done and put the smile back on the teen’s face at last. I don’t think I had realised quite the strain that school and how he felt about going was putting on not only him, but also the rest of the family.


He’s happier and in turn all of us are as well, I wish I had started home schooling him a long time ago. I am actually loving having him at home and feeling that I am really helping him. We spend a lot of our day laughing despite working hard most of the time.


Our Homeschool Plans


Anyway, our home school ‘journey’ is going to be mostly focussed on English and Maths (my own maths skills have grown considerably refreshing my knowledge before going over things with him), as those are the GCSE’s that he will definitely be putting in for. Other than that I am going to be covering other topics, plus life skills that they don’t usually get taught at school and any other topics that he feels drawn to. Si is planning to teach him a lot of practical skills as well when he’s at home.


With the amount of work we have covered already and the plans we have for the direction that his schooling will be going in, I can’t see how they could decide that we aren’t educating him enough when they visit. However, wish us luck!


Stevie x

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The first two weeks of homeschooling a teenager - A Cornish Mum


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  1. Jane Gorton
    25 October 2018 / 2:13 pm

    Thanks for the update. I hope the meeting goes well – looking forward to your next update x

  2. 26 October 2018 / 12:02 pm

    Sorry Stevie, I read this the other day and I thought I’d commented. I’m so pleased it’s going well for both of you, it must be nice educating a teenager. Especially one of yours, I bet you’re having loads of fun together! I hope the meeting goes well.

  3. 16 November 2018 / 12:58 pm

    Very best of luck Stevie. I shall have to read up the back story on this as I wasn’t aware you were homeschooling. Hope it goes well and hope the local authority don’t cause you too much grief!