Horrible Histories at The Hall For Cornwall

The Hall For Cornwall in Truro recently invited myself and my little family to watch the stage version of Horrible Histories. I was possibly even more excited about this than the boys were, as I love watching Horrible Histories on television, and I may even watch it without the children sometimes…

I tried to take a nice photo of the boys before we left, but as you can see below they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling long enough to get a ‘sensible’ one, but I love how happy they look!

Before Hall For Cornwall - acornishmum.com

Considering the lovely people at Hall For Cornwall invited us to attend for free, I didn’t expect the most expensive seats (I’m not that cheeky), however when we went to our seats I discovered that was exactly the seats they had given us, in the pit section at the front only three rows back. These seats were brilliant, we were so close to the stage that it really added to the experience, and I think in future we may have to pay the little bit extra for the ‘posh’ seats!

Us at the Hall For Cornwall - acornishmum.com

The seating in the Hall For Cornwall is staggered though, so no matter how far back you sit, you can always see perfectly well, and they have the sound set up perfectly. Even when we went to watch Jimmy Carr (hilarious) there, and were almost to the top of the seating, we could hear every (naughty) word he said!

The Horrible Histories show that we watched was the Incredible Invaders one, and to be honest for the first five minutes of the show I did think “I wonder how long this show is”, and the boys (including the ‘grown up’ one) looked a little fidgety, but from that moment on it just got better and better!

Without ruining it for anyone who has it showing at their own local theatre, there were Celts, Saxons, Romans, Vikings and more! There was even Vik the Viking who had a special song ‘Vik the Viking can he fix it?’ in a Bob the Builder style, and the interactive screen behind had ‘Lofty’ which was actually the dragon head on the boat.

Vik the Viking - acornishmum.com

There were other modern influences that added a comedy factor, such as come dine with me featuring sheep’s brains and frogs, which the boys thought was hilarious, as they like to ‘play’ come dine with me at lunchtime sometimes, where they rate my food….enough said about that!

They were also especially impressed that Saxon children drank beer, as the water was too dirty to drink. I did tell them they won’t be taking part in that sort of historical re-enactment any time soon!

I have taken my children to the cinema loads of times, but for some reason it has never occurred to me to take them to the theatre, and whenever we have watched something at the Hall For Cornwall it has been without children. Although whilst watching Jimmy Carr, this was obviously the sensible option!

I think in future though, I will be checking the Hall For Cornwall listings more closely for things they may want to watch, as they were so well-behaved the whole time, and were so engrossed with the show, that unlike when we go to the cinema, they didn’t need to leave once during the show to use the toilet.

Incredible Invaders - acornishmum.com

The second part of the show after the interval was universally agreed in our family to be the best. All the way through the show their was an interactive screen behind the actors, changing the scenery, but at the interval we were told to come and collect some 3D glasses as the screen was becoming 3D.

Si and I were in agreement that we have never seen such a good 3D screen before, all during the second half there were things coming towards us such as arrows, which made me duck stupidly, a snake which made a lot of children scream (luckily in a fun way), a dog that made us all jump, and even a Viking long-boat that ‘crashed’ into the edge of the stage. Fin did take his 3D glasses off for the snake part, as he has a bit of a phobia about them, and it was a bit too much for him.

I probably looked a fool as I had to try to wear my 3D glasses underneath my own glasses, as my vision is awful these days, and they didn’t quite fit around my own ‘geek’ glasses. It was absolutely brilliant though, and everyone was laughing all the way through the performance!

Horrible Histories - acornishmum.com

My favourite actress on the stage was not the ‘main’ character of Mavis (although she was brilliant), but the other woman on the stage who played various different characters. She was so funny, and had an amazing memory as she recited all the towns ending in ‘by’ and even added in more after a heckler encouraged her!

At one point she jokingly pointed into the crowd and said “Call me” with a wink and was pointing at Si, so of course he was a little bit smug afterwards! There was a lot of audience participation, and they had us singing along. At one point they did tell the children in the audience that if the adults with them weren’t singing, then it meant they didn’t love them. Definitely a good way to ensure everyone joined in and had everyone laughing!

With all the fun, they even managed to get a positive message out there, pointing out that with all the different invaders that have come to Britain over the years, that ‘if you want the British to be pure, you’re 2000 years late’.

As well as the show being fantastic, the Hall For Cornwall has comfortable seats, a very well stocked bar area with friendly staff, lovely friendly people on the doors and at the box office, and a wide variety of shows to watch. I highly recommend going to a show there, they even have George Ezra who I love appearing in June!

If you want to have a look for yourself what shows they currently have available to book (I have a few in mind myself already!) then pop over to the Hall For Cornwall Website by clicking here!

Thank you Hall For Cornwall for a wonderful evening, amazing seats and for providing such fantastic entertainment!

Stevie x

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  1. Penny Pincher (Dawn)
    21 April 2015 / 2:28 pm

    My kids got me watching horrible histories; one of the few kids shows that I actually like, it would be even more enjoyable to watch the live show my kids would love it.

    • 21 April 2015 / 5:35 pm

      It really was brilliant and so funny! It’s always lovely to do something with my little family as well.

      Stevie x