Hotwheels drone racerz from Bladez

Review: Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz Drone & Vehicle Set


We were recently sent a Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz Drone & Vehicle Set to review and the boys were pretty excited to try it out. It’s aimed at children aged 8 plus, so a lot younger than most drones.


Hotwheels Drone Racerz Bladez


Inside the box you receive:

1x 2.4GHz Drone
1x Car body
1x Spare Body Shell (so that you can have one on the car and drone if you want or change the colour)
4x Spare Rotor Blades
Handset controller
Stunt Set:
1x cardboard hoop
2x cardboard ramps
1x Checkpoint Start/Finish cardboard sign
1x Cardboard Phone Holder
1x Instruction Manual
1x USB Charger
1x Screwdriver


You can use it with some Hot Wheels track sets too to add to the fun, or have a go at making your own track out of cardboard!


Box contents - Hotwheels Drone Racerz Bladez


Be careful when opening the box, as you can also cut parts out of the box to make an additional hoop. We haven’t done this yet, mostly as no-one ever seems to know where the scissors are in our house!


Hotwheels Drone Racerz controller and screwdriver


I love that spare blades are included in case you damage or lose any and I am especially impressed that the screwdriver was included for opening up the controller to get to the battery compartment. No searching around for a ridiculously small screwdriver on Christmas morning if you choose to give this as a gift! You will need to add batteries to the controller x4 AA’s so have these ready.


The batteries give the controller power but, you will need to charge the drone as well. You can do this either using a USB port on a laptop or by plugging it into the actual controller. It should take 60 minutes for a full charge and handily you can see when it’s fully charged as there’s a red light on the usb charger that goes off when it has charged enough.


Hotwheels Drone Racerz car


Without the drone part attached the Hot Wheels car is just a very light plastic car but, can be played with like that as well. The drone itself is also very light – obviously both parts need to be to be able to fly and has lights on it that flash as it syncs to the handset controller and when it flies/propels the car.




Syncing the drone to the controller was mostly easy, although occasionally it has seemed to not want to do it for a while. It always does in the end though, it just needs a bit of patience. The drone clips easily onto the car and they look pretty smart together according to the boys.


Hotwheels drone racerz from Bladez


The drone works to either propel the car along or to fly as a drone. When connected to the car, the car really passes through the air quickly if you drive it up a ramp or in our case straight off the coffee table several times! It doesn’t really ‘fly’ with the car though. Without it the drone is slightly crazy with how high it can go.


Hotwheels drone racerz and ramp


We love the drone BUT it does have one two negatives. One that the controller has so many buttons it can be confusing until you have played with it A LOT. Make sure your children don’t just give up if they have it though as it does become more second nature with practice and I have to say a lot of fun.


Two – how confusing the instructions are. All of the information is there on them, but there’s a lot of text and it’s all in black and white and not that easy just to take in easily and get started. I was completely lost on how to use the drone properly – without it flying really high and hitting the ceiling, until I read this post by The German Wife. Her image of the controller with arrows finally helped us to understand what everything did and where it was.


Maybe I’m just a bit dim, but I did need that extra help and before reading her post and working out what to do, I thought the Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz Drone & Vehicle Set was ‘okay’ but slightly mad and just for outdoors use. The boys loved it, mostly as they found it hilarious when it hit the ceiling several times.


It was frustrating as I’d seen it demonstrated at BlogOn Xmas, so I knew just what it was supposed to be able to do and how cool it was when it did it.


Now that we’ve read the post and practised we all really enjoy playing with it – though the squeaky noise that the drone makes could possibly be a bit less grating. I wouldn’t say that any of us are amazing at controlling it yet but, it no longer hits the ceiling and the car mostly drives where we want it to and it really is fun to play with.


It would be even better if they could make the instructions simpler but, if you’re arrived here because you have no idea what you’re doing with it too, then definitely check out that post by The German Wife or search on YouTube for videos as you can usually find everything on there. I may even make a video myself once we are more ‘expert’.


Stockists of the set include Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco, Maplin, Very, Toymaster and Hamleys and it has a RRP of £34.99. There are going to be more Drone Racerz items released in 2018, which is actually also the year that Hot Wheels is 50 years old! You can also read more information on the Bladez Toyz website.


Stevie x


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