Hotel Tycoon Board Game – Review

As a family we love board games, partly I think because as I have mentioned before, we are all very competitive. We’ve been very lucky recently to review Dobble, Timeline and Jungle Speed by Esdevium Games, and they have also now sent us Hotel Tycoon to play and review.

Hotel Tycoon

Having looked online at photographs of Hotel Tycoon before it arrived, I knew there was some building of the parts to be done before we played. Because of this, I made sure that I did all of this whilst the boys were at school still, as they’re inherited my (lack of) patience. I am very glad I did do this, as there is a LOT to put together.

The buildings for the game are made from cardboard, and have plastic bases and roofs that need clipping on. There were a couple bits that I have to admit made me get a bit sweary as it was fiddly, but mostly they were easy to do.

Hotel Tycoon

If you plan to give this game to your child for Christmas, my advice would be to make the buildings up first and leave them mostly made up inside the box as much as you can before you wrap it.

This will save time and avoid the risk of you getting sweary on Christmas day, for any reason other than you forgot to turn the oven on, or you forgot to buy batteries. Luckily Hotel Tycoon doesn’t need batteries and therefore doesn’t have an annoying bit to unscrew with the world’s smallest screw driver at the World’s most awkward angle – I’m sold.

The actual game is a lot of fun. It reminds me of a 3D version of monopoly but with hotels instead of places and luckily it doesn’t take anywhere near as many hours to play. In fact it should take less than an hour once you are used to playing it, and don’t have to keep checking the instructions as you didn’t bother to read all of them thinking that you could ‘wing it’. Here’s a YouTube video for you to watch and show your children as a visual aid on how to play.

The game is for ages 8+ and my 9 and 11 year old found it quite easy to play, so I think the age is accurate. Although obviously if you have a sensible clever younger child, it’s well worth a try. As for younger children who aren’t sensible, they will just make you cry by flattening the buildings you spent ages building at the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this game for older children, and would say the only small negative is how long it takes to put it together. However it is made from strong cardboard, so it will last. Pop to Esdevium Games to see what else they have to add to the Christmas list.

Stevie x

*We were sent this game free of charge for a fair review, which is the only type I agree to do. The link below is affiliated and it is entirely your choice if you use it*


  • Gemma @ Confessions of a Nagging Mother

    I love how the game is 3D, although it sounds like that part was a bit of a pain putting together! It looks good though! I never play monopoly as it takes soooo long so this game may be a fab alternative!


    Gemma xxx

  • Sarah

    This looks so much fun. Would it be bad to buy this just for me and my partner and family to play on Christmas day? I love games like this but absolutely hate how long it takes to play a game of Monopoly. On occasion it’s lasted so long we’ve had to pick it up again then ext day!! #PicknMix

  • Nicola

    I’ve not heard of this game but it sounds interesting! Will be checking it out! Is it something that adults will enjoy, or is it more for children? #picknmix Fridays

  • Morna

    I’m so envious. My older daughter is getting into board games now but we are very restricted by my incredibly competitive four year old who can’t really cope with any sort of game yet. I can’t wait to play games like this with them properly. #picknmix

  • Becster

    Interesting concept – I used to play the PC version of the game so didn’t know how it would translate to a board game. Ooo Monopoly – not played that in AGES! #PickNMix

  • Mudpie Fridays

    Looks like a great game, Monkey’s a bit young at 3 for it! He would be one of these destroying the buildings it took so long to get together!! Thanks for hosting #PickNMix x

  • A Moment with Franca

    This a great game! Definitely for older children. They will enjoy much more the building part I guess. It looks super fun. Kind of like monopoly right? Good idea for a xmass present! Thanks for this review and for hosting #PicknMix :-) x

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