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How to Create the Ultimate Bar Space

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Who doesn’t love a tipple every now and then? While pub visits and nights out can be fun, they’re often costly. There is a solution, though: create a bar space within your home. Once you have, you may never have to venture out for a drink again. And it’s usually easy to do.


To find out how to build the ultimate space for this, read our top tips.


how to create the perfect bar space


Pinpoint Your Preference 


It may be tempting to begin shopping straightaway. After all, this is an exciting project. However, before you start dreaming of what alcohol you’d like to have in your bar, consider what type of bar you’d like to own.


True, you might want to kit your cupboards out with every kind of drink. But if you prefer one beverage, say wine, over another, perhaps beer, why not invest in the former?


wine in glasses


That way, you’ll be less likely to waste money. If regular visitors would rather have something different, you could always buy it in small quantities.


How about stocking up your bar with whiskey miniatures, for example? Shop smart, and fewer drinks are likely to go to waste.


Consider Furniture Equipment


Alcohol tends to be the main focus of a bar – but have you considered what equipment you’ll need for it? If not, you may want to.


If you plan to make lots of cocktails, you could benefit from buying a fridge for juice and other mixers. Likewise, a drawer might come in useful for glass accessories, such as umbrellas.


cocktails silhouette


Alternatively, if you plan to curate a wine bar, a wine cooler may be a worthwhile investment. To transform your bar into a social hub, why don’t you invest in a large ice bucket?


This will help to keep scores of beer and cider bottles cool during hot weather – and so, it could be especially valuable during summer. Identify which alcohol you’d like to serve, and you’ll be able to start creating your dream bar.


Personalise Your Space


Once you’ve built and kitted out your bar, you’ll likely want to personalise it. And who could blame you? It is, at the end of the day, your drinks space.


To make the most of this opportunity, think about what it means to you. Have you installed it to entertain guests? Or is it an area that is special to you and your partner? Perhaps it’s important for a wholly different reason? Whatever it is, remember to furnish it in a way bespoke to you and your household.


If you’re not sure how to start, create a mood board centred around bars and your perception of them. It may very well provide inspiration for decorating your new area.


Many people aspire to own their own bar. With these tips, you can do just that. How will you design yours?


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