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Homeschool: How To Train Your Dragon Book Set

Review – Boxed set of How To Train Your Dragon Books from Books 2 Door.


How To Train Your Dragon Books set


We were recently offered the opportunity to choose some books of our choice from Books 2 Door (without charge in return for this post) and the teenager chose the How To Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell. He chose them, as we were already halfway through the first book when we received the email and we were actually planning to buy all of the books soon for our homeschool reading.

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Before I tell you a bit about our homeschooling plans for the books, I’ll tell you a bit about the books that we received and the level of service that we received with them too.


How To Train Your Dragon top of box


I was given a code to order the books, so our experience of ordering was the same as anyone else’s would be. The ordering process was simple and easy, I chose next day delivery and the books arrived exactly when I was told that they would. Despite the recommended retail price of £69.90, on Books 2 Door the set is only £19.49!


The books themselves are colourfully covered and illustrated inside to help bring the stories to life.


Selection of the books shown


So far, we have found the books to be very different from the films, with the whole story of the relationship between the vikings and the dragons being completely different at the start.


This has actually been really handy homeschool wise, as it has given us another angle for written work comparing the books to the films. The teen is actually loving the book series, usually he isn’t especially keen to read but these he loves. That is partly why I’ve decided we’ll be doing a lot of written work and possibly art work around How To Train Your Dragon, as it is so nice to see him so enthusiastic and involved.


How To Train Your Dragon books loose


I am trying to make our homeschool ‘curriculum’ partly the things that he really does need to learn for GCSE’s that I am hoping he’ll take and partly things that he enjoys and life skills that I feel are important. We’ve been doing some cooking, we’ll be doing some crafting and we’ll keep on reading the slightly more boring set texts for his GCSE English and the more fun easier read texts like this set of books.


The How To Train Your Dragon books are a really fun read and definitely worth trying with your own children, I would say they’re best suited for children 8+ personally, but younger children may well enjoy having them read to them, especially if they enjoyed the films. We’re looking forward to watching the third film when it comes out at the cinema soon!


Books 2 Door have a vast range of lovely affordable book sets, including a ridiculously big set of Famous Five books, which you can read about over on the Rachel Bustin blog! I’m actually tempted to buy them for myself to re-read, as I loved them as a child.


Stevie x


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