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I am the (Cornish) Mum Who…

Thank you Jade over at Raising the Rings for the tag to do this post! Love the idea, here’s my ‘I am the Mum who’ list…

I am the Mum Who.....

I am the Mum Who;

  • Means what she says – check out my post about Salad Cream parenting!
  • Sings really loudly with the windows open in the car as I drop the boys off at school, and they desperately try to close the windows.
  • Can never get enough cuddles from my boys or the overgrown one ;)
  • Often has to set my alarm for 2 or 4 am to recheck Fin’s blood glucose as I think his blood glucose will go low and I worry.
  • Is always proud of her children so long as they try – grades I don’t care about, effort I do.
  • Always gets a lie in at the weekend, don’t hate me!
  • Wears gym gear on ‘fat’ days even if I’m not going to the gym, so that people will think ‘meh well at least she’s trying’.
  • Loves the weird conversations I have with my youngest almost as much as I love every little freckle on his face.
  • Goes to everything, football practice, special assemblies, athletics, you name it I’m there if my boys are. I hate the idea of missing out on a single thing of their growing up.
  • Would sell her soul for a Type 1 Diabetes cure for my eldest and every other type 1 diabetic child in the world!
  • Loves my eldest’s cheek and have to hide my face sometimes when telling him off as I’m secretly laughing and loving his ‘spark’.
  • Has been known to draw eyes and a nose above her tummy button to turn it into a ‘talking’ face to amuse my children, who think I’m crazy anyway.
  • Knows she’s not a ‘perfect’ parent but really does try.
  • Gives her children spaghetti on toast a little too often for their tea as we run out of time with all the after school clubs etc.
  • Who can’t stand any nail related injuries in her children – this comes from having the tip of one of my pinky fingers missing after a run in with a door as a child. Broken bleeding nails make me feel ill, I can’t even stand people talking about nail issues!
  • Who wishes she could press pause before her ‘babies’ get too grown up, it’s going too fast!
  • Would literally kill for my children – don’t test me on this one!

Sadly feeling a little emotional writing this one, thinking and hoping that I am the sort of Mum they can be proud of, and that they’ll always have good memories of having me as a Mum – even if I do love to embarrass them!

I tag ANYONE who would like to take part, as I always worry with the tags that there are some people who don’t get tagged, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out!

Stevie x


  • Penny Pincher (Dawn)

    Your boys would be proud to have you as a mum in fact adopt me! I just posted my “I am the mum who” today and I wanted to type “knocks” like Walter white from Breaking Bad bahahaha!

  • Fern

    You sound like an amazing mummy! Or mum rather given the age of yours :)

    Even if at times now they dont like something you do, when they get bigger they will thank you (but more than likely not be too happy that we all know about the salad cream incident ;) ) The perfect parent doesnt exist, being a parent means learning every single day, and we only learn from making mistakes. If we did things right all the time life would be boring!
    And as for the cheek and trying not to laugh, we are the same with Midge because she is SO SO cheeky, and it makes us both laugh so much even when it shouldnt..

  • Jade (Raising the Rings)

    Ahh a lovely list Stevie. Of course you will be a Mum they can be proud of. I hope that too :) I’m always having to turn away from Toby if he’s getting told off, because he cocks his head to one side and gives me the most angelic and cheeky look ever! xx

  • Brigitte Ravenscroft

    What a lovely post, and you sound like you are a very lovely mum and your boys are very lucky indeed!
    I can’t do nail injuries either. As a nurse I could cope with all sorts, but a torn nail had me feeling faint and ready to keel over! Just before Easter one of the little ones in my class trapped her finger in the door and nearly took the tip off. Thankfully I managed to keep it together and remained upright. Needed a cup of tea afterwards though! xx

  • acornishmum

    Aw thank you, so lovely of you! I’ll only adopt good sleepers though mind, I like my lie in at the weekend too much to give it up ;) I’ll pop over and read yours now!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Ha I’m glad it’s not just me Brigitte!! I do have an oddly shaped finger, but I did keep the nail thankfully…urgh feel ill even typing that!

    Stevie xx

  • Jenny

    Aww, lovely list! You are an amazing mummy Stevie! Your boys must be so proud to have you as their mummy! I’m completely with you on wanting a pause button, they really do grow up too quickly. :) xx

  • Donna

    I love this, especially wearing gym clothes just so people think you’re making an effort – genius! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Donna, I’m possibly a bit odd ;). Having a fab weekend so far, just been on a beach clean up with some other local people and given a local beach a spruce up! Ridiculous some of the things that we all found dumped there!

    Stevie xx

  • Hannah

    Ah they’d be so proud of you! Course they would. I hope we get to meet one day you seem like a lady I should know hehe :) xx

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