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If I could… the needing a lottery win post

I was tagged by the lovely Sammy at Seize Each Day┬áto do this post, which is pretty much a wish list of a post for my future lottery win – maybe I should actually start buying tickets?!

If I could live anywhere…

I can honestly say, that there is nowhere that I would rather live than Cornwall. I was lucky enough to be born here, and I have never wanted nor have lived anywhere else. I mean seriously, why would I? From gorgeous beaches to friendly people and a relaxed pace of life, Cornwall is perfect for me and a brilliant place to raise a family.

I would love to live somewhere with a lot less neighbours though.


If I could have any home…

I would absolutely love to live in a detached cottage with hardly any neighbours, and have room for an office for me. Living somewhere peaceful with no arguing neighbours would be amazing, I’d love the birds to be the only thing I could hear when I woke up.

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If I could have any garden…

Our garden would be huge, with room for Si to have a workshop to get creative with his welding and woodwork. He’s ridiculously practical and did a fantastic job on our kitchen which he made all by himself.

It would be brilliant to have enough room for the boys to ride their bikes as well, and room for a fire pit area for the evenings. The setting of the house above would be amazing with the trees, grass but not a huge amount of flowers due to my hay fever.

If I could be on holiday now…

If money wasn’t an object, then I would be in Canada. Maybe not the most obvious option, but as lovely as hot holidays can be, I can get bored with them quickly.

What I would love is a cosy wood lodge in Canada and a trip to see the Northern Lights with Si and the boys. Seeing the Northern Lights is something I’m determined to do at some point in my life, as they are just so awe-inspiring and somewhat magical.

If I could have any job…

In all honesty I like my current job, my only job other than as a Mum is blogging. I love pretty much every second of it, and love that I get paid for something that I enjoy doing. Now if I could earn a decent wage from blogging, then that would be perfect.

If I could have any talent…

I would be an amazing cook, sadly this is usually very far from the truth! I do try, but I tend to get distracted and burn things and I did once give Si food poisoning from undercooked sausages when we first got together. That was almost 5 years ago, and he’s almost forgiven me.

I would love to be one of these people who throws a few ingredients together and makes something even fussy children are willing to eat.

If I could live any day again…

I found this one difficult to answer, as there isn’t much in my life I’d like to change, as everything that happened in my life brought me to where I am now, which is a happy place.

I think the only day I would re-live just for the thrill of it, is the day when I went sky diving with one of my sisters. It was absolutely amazing, one of the best experiences of my life.

As a Mum these days though, I think it would be unfair of me to take the risk in doing it again, but what a rush it was!

If I could have any super power…

Anyone who know me or reads my blog on a regular basis, can probably guess what my answer to this one would be. My super power would be the ability to cure Type 1 Diabetes, so that Fin and all the other Type 1’s out there wouldn’t have to cope with everything that they do on a daily basis through no fault of their own any more.

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