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Review: iHealth Align Blood Glucose Meter

Our review of the iHealth Align Gluco-monitoring System from MySelfCare.

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iHealth Align blood glucose meter


I was recently sent the iHealth Align blood glucose monitoring system meter by MySelfCare to test and try out with my son who has Type 1 Diabetes. In the almost nine years since diagnosis, we have tried several meters. Although we are happy with the blood glucose meter that we have now, what we were lacking is a back-up spare meter, just in case his current meter breaks or is lost.

Included inside the iHealth Align glucose monitor box is the following to get you started;


iHealth Align meter

4 Lithium batteries

1 lancing device

10 lancets

1 drawstring travel pouch

10 sanitary cover bags

1 owner’s guide

1 Quick start guide

4 different colour cases for the meter


iHealth Align meter and accessories


I tested the lancing device myself, since I have used a few of them in the past on myself when my son was younger and insisted I pricked my own finger before I was allowed to do his. This one I have to say is really good, easy to prime and set off, plus it actually seemed to hurt a bit less than usual as well.


The iHealth Align meter works with a mobile phone, you pop it into the headphone jack of the phone and use an app on your phone to test. the app also shows you trend results and helps you to see how steady (or not in our case, thank you teenage hormones) your blood glucose levels are.


iHealth app screenshots


ihealth app graph


The beauty of the app is that you can allow someone else to have access to your results if you wish in real time, so they can see when you test and what the results are. This someone could be a doctor, a parent wanting to be able to see what their child’s bgs are at any time and to check that they are actually testing, another relative or well anyone that you want to have access.


The whole app concept actually came about due to someone being concerned about their elderly relative with Type 2 Diabetes and wanting to be sure that they were remembering to test and to generally make sure that they were okay throughout the day. It is definitely a good concept.


We used the iHealth Align glucose meter alongside our own meter for comparison purposes, so each test we did we used the same blood drop on our own meter and the iHealth Align meter. The iHealth Align meter tended to show higher results, but not by a huge amount it was always within one and a half mmol and mostly very similar. We have always found meters to differ slightly result wise from each other.


The iHealth Align is the perfect meter for us as a spare meter and to take on holiday with us in the future. Partly down to the size of it, it is actually tiny, as you can see in the photos above and below. The drawstring bag that comes with it is also so handy for keeping the meter, a pot of strips and the lancet device in, making the whole thing pocket sized.


I can imagine that being a popular thing with a lot of people with any sort of Diabetes, who don’t want to have to always carry a bag around or have a huge bulge in their coats from their kit.


iHealth Align bg meter size


The meter runs off of small batteries, which they very thoughtfully supply spare ones of when you buy the meter.


iHealth Align bg meter battery


The strips for the iHealth Align do feel a little bit stiff to squeeze inside the meter, but you soon get used to this and as of yet we haven’t had any issues at all with the strips. They don’t require a huge amount of blood either, so we’ve not had any of our usual annoying ‘too little blood’ warnings.


iHealth Align meter with strip inside


If you are someone who has to buy test strips yourself sometimes for any reason, then you will love the price of the test strips for the iHealth Align meter. They are just £12.95 for 50 strips, which is a lot cheaper than the strips for our own meter, which cost well over £20 for a pot of 50 strips. The iHealth Align meter is also only £20 to buy on the MySelfCare site, which makes it very affordable. They do all sorts of other healthcare items on their site too.


We won’t be using the iHealth Align as our main meter mostly because my son isn’t allowed his phone out at school and he still needs the help of the carb counting element of our current meter, but as I said above we definitely like the size and design of the iHealth Align headphone jack meter and we will be keeping it to use as a spare meter and to take on holiday with us as a handy back-up.


I really like the whole concept of the app and overall we definitely think the iHealth Align is a great little pocket-sized blood glucose meter.


Stevie x



  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    All of the phones that don’t have a headphone jack have adaptors with the phones usually that plug into the charging socket, my Huawei P20 Pro doesn’t have a headphone jack but it came with an adaptor and that’s what i used to try this meter out :)

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