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The Into The Blue Impossible Experiences Competition

If money and reality were no object, what would you be doing right now? This is the question that Into The Blue have been asking recently.

impossible experiences


They have a competition running at the moment, where if you tweet or put on Facebook your own impossible experience, with the hashtag #impossibleexperiences (tag them to make sure they see it) you may be chosen as a winner. The winner gets a £200 voucher for Into The Blue, to enjoy their own impossible experience.

From sky diving to special hotel stays, there are so many fun things you could spend your voucher on if you win. Exciting or more relaxed, the choice really would be yours. Not only that, but the best ideas will have their own impossible experiences made into an option on the Into The Blue site.

You can visit the Impossible Experiences page on their site for a lot more information on the entry rules and for some inspiration. Into The Blue asked me what my own impossible experience would be, and I’ve had a lot of fun daydreaming of lots of things I would love to do.


If I was choosing an impossible experience that was equally for all of us, then I would choose a¬†holiday to Canada in a log cabin somewhere that we could manage to see the Northern lights. Both Si and I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights, it’s really one of those bucket list essentials!


aurora Northern Lights


I’ve also always fancied the idea of sleeping in a log cabin, ever since my sisters and I used to watch Little House on the Prairie as children – in my defence with this show, there were only four television channels for most of the time I was growing up, but the log cabin houses always looked so cosy.

I can just imagine an open fire to warm up next to with hot chocolates, after long scenic walks. Canada has always been top of my wish list, and hopefully one day we may even be able to afford it!

What would you choose if you could make an impossible experience come true? Your entry needs to be in to Into the Blue by midnight on 29th February so get in there quickly!


Stevie x


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