Completed Kernowcraft ring at the beach
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Trying New Things: Jewellery Making With KernowCraft

KernowCraft – Make The Look Jewellery Making Kits


Earlier this year I said that I was going to be trying new things in 2018, I started with crochet and we also tried Geocaching – then life kind of got busy. However, I’m going to start trying to put a bit of time aside at the weekends to do something just for me. A fun creative activity or even just to curl up with a book.


I started this off by saying yes please when KernowCraft recently asked me if I would like to try out one of their Make The Look pieces of jewellery. I used to make jewellery when I was younger, but it was never very good, so I thought I’d give it another try.


Kernowcraft ring and stone


Luckily KernowCraft sent me one of their easiest kits, their Amazonite Shell Ring.


Kernowcraft ring and spoon


The ring arrives with a separate stone ready to fit into the ring. The spoon in the photo above doesn’t come with it, it’s my spoon and it’s the only ‘tool’ that you need to make the ring.


Making the Kernowcraft ring - setting the stone


As you can see in the photo above, you just gently use the back of the spoon to push down the small metal pieces to fit them around the stone to hold it in place. It really was so easy to do and the ring itself is very pretty. It’s pretty much Cornwall themed really ha!


Completed Kernowcraft ring at the beach


KernowCraft sell lots of other Make The Look kits which will suit all sorts of different levels of expertise. The tools needed aren’t supplied, so just bear this in mind if you are buying one as a gift. You can buy all of the tools that you’ll need on the KernowCraft site though, it tells you clearly what tools you might need and several of the kits don’t need a tool to be used at all.


Finished Kernowcraft ring on my hand


The ring that I was sent and the other Make The Look kits would make brilliant stocking fillers or gifts for Christmas or for any time of year.


Have you ever made your own jewellery or do you have a hobby/enjoy making anything in particular? I’m always looking for new ideas of things to try!


Stevie x


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