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A John Frieda Luxurious Volume Giveaway


At the bottom of this post is a giveaway where you can win some John Frieda Luxurious Volume products, but please do read on to hear a bit more about them first.


John Frieda Giveaway


Growing up my hair was ridiculously curly and thick. When I was at primary school it was so thick and curly that it was pretty much impossible to comb and when my parents attempted it, the end result was usually me in tears and refusing to talk to them for a while afterwards.


So many adults used to say how much they loved my hair, but I hated it and all I wanted was the straight glossy hair that a lot of my friends had. I wished my hair was much thinner and easier to manage.


They do say ‘be careful what you wish for’ don’t they?! As I got older and straightened my hair a lot more (straighteners have been my friend for a long time) my hair became more manageable, straighter and glossy. Then I had children and it fell out in handfuls and has never quite recovered. I hate how thin it can look at times.


I was so happy to hear from the people at John Frieda recently and to be asked to review their Luxurious Volume range. Volume is exactly what has been lacking from my hair in recent years, so I was willing to try anything.


They sent me the John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume Shampoo, 7 Day Volume Conditioner and the 7 Day Volume In Shower Treatment to see if it would boost my lack lustre hair.


John Frieda Luxurious Volume


And do you know what? …. they actually work on me. Even once straightened my hair is a lot thicker, but still smooth and shiny. My hair feels thicker even when it’s still wet and it smells wonderful. Very importantly as a busy Mum, they can all be used in the shower as part of my normal routine and don’t take long to use at all.


They do say that hair should stay thicker for up to 7 days, but I think that depends entirely on how often you tend to need to wash your hair. For me it lasted in between washes, but was feeling a bit less full by the time I washed it. I wash my hair around every three to four days, as I know it isn’t good to wash it every day and strip it of natural oils etc.


I sound vaguely like I know what I’m talking about here, but mostly I know what works for me and the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range really does, I’ll be buying it again once the lot that I was sent runs out for definite.  Especially the Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In Shower Treatment, as the shampoo and conditioner do help, but I think the In Shower Treatment is the star of the show as far as my hair is concerned.


John Frieda


Pop to the John Frieda website for more information, there’s also a Where To Buy page on there. This includes Asda, Tesco and Boots plus more.


If you would like to try to win a full-sized set of all three items as featured in this post, then please do enter via the Gleam widget below! My usual competition terms and conditions can be found here  A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions. UK only, good luck!


Stevie x


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Products


  • Alica

    I would like to win and give this to my daughter, I have very thick, course hair but her hair is quite thin and she always complains she needs something! :)

  • Tracy Nixon

    I love John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, especially this volumising type, because my hair seems to have lost its thickness since becoming a mum! I would love to win this prize for myself x


    I would Love love to win this wonderful product for my hair its a long time since it,s felt Luxurious & beautiful :)

  • Jane Willis

    I’d love to win this for myself because as I get older I can’t seem to find any haircare that suits me so I’m always looking for products I’ve not yet tried.

  • Hazel Rea

    I’d love to try it as my hair really does need more volume – it is so much thinner than it used to be.

  • Isabel O

    I would like to try it because my hair has been a bit blah lately. It might perk it up a bit. Worth a try anyway.

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    I would love to win it for myself – I’ve lost a lot of hair since having my youngest and I’m always looking for ways to boost volume :)

  • amy bondoc

    id lvoe to win for myself my hair could use some tlc and im always on the lok out for new products to try!

  • Eleanor Beavan

    I would love to win and it would have to be for me ! I suffer with alopeca areata which means I often get little bald patches and some more volume would help greatly to hide them when they occur.

  • Chloe Davies

    I would love to win this as my hair is very thin and I love the John Frieda product range

  • Ellen Sheppard

    I would like to win for me, the older I get the finer my hair gets. I’ve got a lot of strands but its so fine it always looks flat, my ponytail is pathetic :-)

  • Cecelia Allen

    I would like to win this for myself. My hair is fine, thin and difficult to manage. I’ve used some products that work but feel sticky at the roots. I just want smooth shiny locks that don’t cost a fortune, but nothing seems to work

  • Mary N

    I would love to win this for me as I have very fine hair. I would love to try anything that would give it more volume

  • Kerry Taylor

    I’d love to win for me! My hair has always been thin but since I had my son it’s gotten worse!

  • Jo Carroll

    I think I must have inherited very similar hair to you as mine was amazingly thick when I was younger but since having my son I’ve definately noticed a thinning out and loss of shine so I’d love to try these new John Frieda products out to see if they can restore it ‘if not least artificially’ to it’s fuller look. x

  • Laura Williams

    I would love to win this to give my hair a boost.. don’t know what’s up with it lately but its been lacking in volume

    Thank you! I have my fingers crossed :)

  • Debbie W

    I would love to win for my teenage daughter. In the last couple of years she has dyed her hair a bit too often, experimenting with different colours, and her hair is definitely thinner than it was, which makes both of us a little sad as it used to be so thick and gorgeous.

  • Lynne OConnor

    I’d love to win for me. I use these products all the time, having been converted by a sample I was sent a year or so back. They are wonderful

  • Becky Duffy

    I’d like to win this for myself, as my hair is very fine anyways but really could do with some volume! Thankyou

  • Cherry Edwards

    I would love to win this set for me because I’ve found that the menopause and stress have really taken their toll on my once thick hair and it is nod thinner and drier, much harder to look after and look good

  • Sam R

    Would love to win for my partners hair – she is always complaining that its too thin and has no texture!

  • Iris W

    I would like to win this for my daughter. I have very thick hair and she used to have as well but just lately she has lost lots of hair due to stress

  • Gemma Cook

    New hair cut and colour. I would love to win some new goodies to keep it looking at it’s best!

  • Katie

    I’d love to win for me! I know nobody who needs it more to be honest as my hair is really fine, dull and flat.

  • Caroline Hunter

    I’d love to win this volumising set for myself as I have thin, limp hair that needs a boost :)

  • Victoria Prince

    I’d love to win for me, because my hair could definitely do with a bit of help and I’ve heard good things about John Frieda products :)

  • Christina Palmer

    I would love to win this for myself as my hair could do with more volume. Fantastic giveaway thank you for posting

  • Lynda Jones

    I would love to win this for myself I have very fine hair with the with John Frieda products you know they are going to deliver what they say

  • Victoria Hall

    Myself I’m stuck in a rut with shampoo/conditioner and have used the same ones for years!

  • Elisa

    I’d love to win this for my thinning hair. Have tried several different products without success so would be good to try this.

  • Gillian Hutchison

    I would like to win it for myself. I have recently had a little girl (Sarah) and have suffered the dreaded hair fall out post childbirth. Its lank and thinner than normal so this would be ideal. I know it will bounce back and regrow as it has with my other children but its just the interim period that is awful. With the extra pounds, the droopy boobs from breastfeeding and the bags under my eyes from sleepless nights it would be perfect it one part of me was “normal”

  • Rachel Craig

    I’d like to win the prize for myself, as a nice treat. As I have managed to grow my hair long again. But now I’d like the opportunity of trying out various styles, I feel the products could be of assistance in making the most of alternative new hairstyles. My fiancé grew a beard following my encouraging him to do so. It would be nice if we could have some evenings out with some new grooming :- His beard ( he goes to barber for trimming, and uses beard oil) and I’d like some new hairstyles and hair products good enough to feel and look good at his side.

  • Kim Neville

    Myself and my daughter have thin hair so would be interesting to see if these products give us more life

  • Hayley Colburn

    I would ove to win for myself, from experience John Frieda products are great and this set looks fab

  • Tracey Belcher

    Menopause, hormones and sun and salt water/air – that is what my hair has to put with so would love to treat it

  • Helen Jones

    My hair is really suffering at present due to medication and these products would revive my hair

  • gemma blake

    My hair is as flat as a pancake! Saving hard for a holiday, so beauty treats for me are out, just basics shampoo etc so this would be lovely!

  • Donna Caldwell

    I’d love to win my hairs looking a little on the rough side I’d love to treat it to a little TLC

  • Sandra Fortune

    I’d like to win this for my daughter she has fine hair and this would give it a boost

  • Sandra Jo Siddall

    I would love to win because I have such fine hair and its always ‘lank’ and this sounds like just the sort of styling products my fine lifeless hair needs

  • Anthea Holloway

    I would love to win this for myself because my hair is blonde and fine and lacks volume so this would be wonderful to help me!

  • Faye Reed

    I’m still looking for a good volume shampoo that works well, so hopefully this would be the one.

  • Jane Middleton

    I would love to win this for myself, I love testing new hair products and love to keep my hair in great condition.

  • Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Would love to win for my daughter as she has knee-length hair and it needs a good boost from time to time!! xxx Thank-you!!

  • Rosie Hannay

    I’d love to share this with my mum as we both have what we call “pancake hair” literally flat as a pancake! So this would be great!

  • Sion Gibby

    Not for me – I’m not the hairiest of men ! A win would be for my wife – a rather more voluptuous hairy head !

  • Vicki-Anne Smith

    I’d love to win for myself. I can never get any volume to my hair and it always looks flat and sad!

  • Susan B

    My hair is limp and dull as I have stopped buying quality products to use. These would be a real treat.

  • Mummy Melton

    I’d love this for myself, my hair is often quite limp & flat, I’d love to add some volume. I’ve tried a few different products but nothing has really made much of a difference

  • Yvonne Graham

    I discovered John Frieda frizz ease about 25 years ago when I had a perm. It was out of control and the only thing that tamed it down was John Frieda frizz ease.

  • tracy sinclair

    I love John Frieda products and would love to win these for myself, my hair has become much thinner as I’ve got older so would love to try this see if it helps x

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