Cornwall / Kernow Jobs!

I just wanted to do a quick post to let my followers, and anyone living or planning to live in Cornwall know about a fab job site!

Back in the days, when I actually left my home to work (longggg time ago!), looking for new jobs in Cornwall used to drive me mad. There was either the option of the local papers, that often were only out weekly, or the job centre at the time. There are several other job sites out there now i know, but they mostly have one thing in common. They aren’t aimed at Cornwall specifically, and often didn’t/don’t recognise half the place names that you try to type in!

Not only that, but regardless of which local town you enter, they seem to be determined to try to give you a job in Manchester, London, or even bizarrely Scotland?! Now I have nothing against Scotland, and in fact would love to visit there one day, but from Cornwall it is possibly a little far for the daily work commute!

This is where the job site I mentioned before I started waffling comes in! Kernow Jobs is literally what it sounds like, a job site for local jobs! I really do wish it had been around whilst I had been searching for jobs, and fully intend to use it if I ever do decide to get a ‘Proper’ job! So, if you are looking for a job and you want that job to be in Cornwall, check it out!





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