KidzInMind App Review

I was asked recently to review the KidzInMind app, and to tell my readers what I think of it. It’s an app for children aged between 1 and 6 – although my 9-year-old found some of it fun!

KidzInMind App Review

I agreed to review, because although my two are passed that stage now at 9 and 11, I know so many of my readers have small children who love to steal their phones and tablets. I also know many of you use apps or videos to give you five minutes peace sometimes as well.

KidzInMind App

The KidzInMind app is an app that provides a safe play and learn environment for your child on your phone or tablet – it’s basically a secure digital playground. There is a wide selection of apps through the KidzInMind app that can be downloaded through it, all of which like the KidzInMind app have no in-app purchases or advertisements for your child to accidentally click on.

Before I mention anything else about the app,  I have to mention a brilliant feature, which is a baby lock! You can set a timer and within that time your phone is locked to just the app. This means that you can trust your little one with your phone, without worrying they are going to call the first person in your phone book for the fifteenth time that week.

They won’t be able to change the phone language to Arabic – one of my sons managed to do this to the television once in our house when he was small, there could not be a more difficult language to decipher to try to get it back to normal, in the end I had to do a step by step counting down the items on the menu using the instruction book to fix it!

You can tell it has been made by parents for parents, as they’ve put thought in to making things safer and easier.

The KidzInMind app is very cute, they can use it to draw on, to learn their alphabet on and even to dress up as Batman on.

KidzInMind App

There are videos to watch on the app, which are series of cartoons that are short enough to keep their attention, but long enough so that you may stand a chance of making yourself a cup of tea, and even drinking it before it goes cold.

You can also use the KidzInMind app to download other child friendly apps of your choice of theirs, so there is a wide range of choice to keep your child interested. From Spot the difference and memory games to apps to encourage them to brush their teeth properly and make music, there is bound to be something most small children would enjoy.

It’s available to download on iOS and Android and there are more than 40 different apps to choose from, with more added all the time.

KidzInMind received the kidSAFE Seal, a program that independently reviews and certifies the safety practices of children-friendly websites and technologies and is advised by some of the world’s leading internet safety experts. The app has also been awarded the Best Mobile App for Children and Toddlers in 2014 and earlier this year received the Mom’s Choice Award.

KidzInMind is free to download and free for a one week trial, which is great for making sure your child loves the app before paying anything for it. After that, the costs are as follows:

IOS Apple App Store

£2.29 per month for limited in-built apps and features.

Google Play

99p per month for limited in-built apps and features.

£4.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls.

Personally in all honesty (as I always am in reviews, regardless of whether they are sponsored or not) I would not pay £4.99 a month for an app service, but then I don’t have a toddler I am desperate to entertain and nor am I especially wealthy, unless I have won the lottery tonight without realising yet!

I would however if I had children the right age, be willing to pay the 99p a month or £2.29 a month options, as with the amount of apps you have access to, if you had to pay the standard 99p or more for each app, then it would add up to a lot more than this.

If I was KidzInMind though, I would consider creating a one-off payment option, even if it’s for a much larger payment as I know a lot of people prefer to pay once for something rather than ‘subscribing’, and I can understand without advertising and in-app purchases (thankfully) within the app, to be able to create more great apps, there needs to be a charge for the app.

Overall though, I definitely recommend this app to the parents of small children, as it’s safe ad free and you won’t get a sudden bill from hundreds of accidental in-app purchases! Pop to the KidzInMind website for more information and download links.

Stevie x

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