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Kindness On Social Media


I’ve written before about some of the negative parts of the Internet, with Internet Trolls and the general meanness online. However, today I want to mention the other side of the Internet and social media.


Despite how it seems some days when you see the awful sarcastic or downright nasty replies to news stories or people’s posts on social media, lately I’ve noticed a lot more kindness.


Kindness on Social Media


During the recent snowy weather I’ve seen posts from people on Facebook and Twitter offering their services to drive NHS workers and the elderly to places that they need to get to, by people who own vehicles suited for snowy roads. Vehicles who have towed other people out of harms way on the roads, not because it was their job, but because they were being kind.


Someone asked for help on Facebook because their husband was stranded in St Austell and needed to get back to Newquay … then within no time at all someone else offering to help and picking him up in their 4×4 and driving him all the way home to Newquay just to be kind.


I’ve seen social media used as a tool to let people know how to inform charities about rough sleepers, so that they can find them shelter out of the cold and snow. Then there have also been posts with people offering shelter themselves for the homeless or for anyone stranded unable to get back to their own homes.


A couple of weeks ago I also saw in a local buy and sell group on Facebook a post from someone saying that their friend who had been visiting her babies in the neonatal unit and they’d had their coat stolen with their purse and car keys in. The woman didn’t have a spare key and wasn’t sure what to do, since it would be so expensive to get someone to sort it for them adding to the stress of having babies in neonatal.


Within minutes a local bloke had offered to sort it for her even if that meant replacing the locks and ignition for new keys. He was someone who ran his own business working on cars, but he said that he didn’t want any sort of payment for doing it and could come asap to sort it. Honestly how lovely is that?!


Along with these other examples, if you search for #RandomActsofKindness on social media, then you will see so many examples of people doing kind things. It’s seriously heartwarming to see and if you’re having a bad day search for it and see if the results make you smile as much as they usually do me.


All of these things on social media in recent months have made me realise that for every nasty troll online, there really are tonnes of lovely amazing people. There really are so many ace people in the World, especially in Cornwall obviously ha – completely non biased opinion there honest.


Stevie x


  • Rick Phillips


    I think less than 1% of my social media contacts have ever been mean or nasty. I had to ban one guy from my blog because he was sending me awful comments (all about the same post under many different names). I also had a guy on Twitter who got bent out of shape over a comment I made not to him or about him, but he took offense.

    Now how many have I offended with my offbeat humor? Well likely many more. But my humor is tough to understand, even by me.

  • Sarah Chistie

    Ah these are such lovely things to read, there are so many more kind people than mean but the mean people get the press, its time to change that I love this post Stevie x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    It isn’t really the people I follow that I see the mean stuff from, other than on YouTube where I had a lot of hate a while ago. It’s more on posts from large brands or newspapers etc that I see online in my feed. Sadly there are a lot of people who spend their lives looking for things to be angry or mean about on the internet.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    That’s lovely that you have that group, what a great idea. I live in a pretty big (in Cornwall terms) town, but I would love to live in a small village one day. Preferably out in the country more :)

    Stevie x

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