My Laundry Gems with Persil Powergems

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My laundry gems with Persil Powergems


Now that my boys are 12 and almost 14 I thought that my worst laundry days were over. I mean everyone knows that toddlers and babies are the most messy and require the most clothes changes right?


That’s what I thought when the boys were small and I was struggling under a mountain of small people clothes. With just 19 months between the boys, the baby and toddler days were all happening at the same time in our house. All the parents can no doubt imagine just how much washing I had to do.


I’ve realised though, that the only things messier than toddlers and babies are teenagers and DIY addicted boyfriends. I wrote a post last year about the Mythical Happening, when with the help of Persil Powergems I actually saw the bottom of my washing basket. It has happened again since then, but really not as often as I’d like.


Persil Powergems


Persil Powergems are still playing their part, but the boys are always outside now climbing trees and playing in the woods with friends. Bringing back mud splattered clothes and the occasional soggy outfit from trying to jump the stream there and missing.


Si has started a lot of different DIY jobs outside and has been helping friends and family with mechanical and welding jobs, not to mention his actual day job of welding, which mean a whole lot of dirty clothes too. This coat of Simon’s is a prime example of the usual sorts of laundry that I have to deal with.


Muddy coat persil Powergems


My washing basket is a never ending source of male clothing that looks like it has been left in a hedge in the rain for a week, thankfully Persil Powergems and our new washing machine are up to the task. the revolutionary gem format of Persil Powergems have a revolutionary gem format and triple powers of stain removal, fabric care and freshness, all of which are needed to tackle our laundry.


Persil Powergems with flowers in the background


My personal words of wisdom and laundry ‘gems’ of advice on how to keep up with the washing and protect your house from the grime on their dirty clothes? Here are a few ideas.


Make everyone walk around naked or in bin liners.


Wrap everyone in clingfilm whenever they leave the house.


Win lots of money and hire a maid or buy new clothes every day.


Hose everyone off before they are allowed into the house, a proper pressure washer would work best obviously – please don’t really try this at home ha!


Or more realistically do like I do and force the messy people to strip the worst of their messy clothes off in the kitchen before being allowed into the rest of the house, putting the clothes straight into the wash before they have a chance to fester in the washing basket and use a stain-busting, lovely smelling and caring laundry detergent like Persil Powergems.


For more information on Persil Powergems pop to the Persil website and pop into your local supermarket to buy your own to try and see if you like them as much as we do!


Persil Powergems gems in lids


Do you have any laundry gems or words of advice for how you keep on top of the washing in your house? I am always a fan of cleaning and life hacks in general!


Stevie x

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  1. 19 June 2018 / 10:45 am

    I have 5 boys ranging from 16 to 6. My eldest now has to have an outfit for every eventuality and cannot be seen in the same outfit for more than about 6 hours by my reckoning! Will pop these on my shopping list and give them a go!