Life Update AKA Doom and Gloom


I write a lot on here about the good bits of our life, especially in my monthly Liked and Loved posts, but so far to be perfectly honest 2019 has been a bit crappy.


life update - aka doom and gloom


You have probably worked that out if you follow me on social media, as I’m not sure that I’ve been much of a ray of sunshine… more like complete moaning cloud of misery ha!


I didn’t intend to write a life update post for a while, because I like to keep my blog as my happy place, but I also like to be honest. So what’s been going on to make me such a grumpy moo??


Well firstly we’ve had problems with condensation in the house, which of course has affected the two most recently finished bedrooms. Si has been amazing and pretty much sorted one of the rooms by knocking a hole in it and adding insulation… although it looks like it still needs some work done to it. The worst room is the teenager’s bedroom, which we discovered had a huge amount of black mold hidden by his inbuilt bed.


Pretty grim and obviously a bit of a health hazard, so for a while now he’s slept in our room and we’ve been on a sofa each downstairs. His and our stuff is kind of spread everywhere, so the house is a total mess. His bedroom is so bad that Si has to know two of the walls back to the block work and re-do them, destroying his bulk head bed and meaning that we once again need to pay out a lot of money, redecorate and buy the teen a new bed groan.


The problem in both rooms is that there isn’t much insulation between the outside walls and the plasterboard – well pretty much none in the teen’s room. At least it is something that’s fixable, even if it has been added to Si’s huge to-do list and we need to spend a lot of money when we don’t have a huge amount to spare. Groan, moan, whinge… I think you’re beginning to get the general theme of this post, turn back now as it gets worse ha…


Anyway aside from house issues like that, one of the boys has also had a nasty skin infection since November and been in a lot of pain since then. The doctors can’t get to the bottom of it and why the treatments they’ve tried have so far made things worse, so we have an ‘urgent’ dermatologist appointment to look forward to. I say ‘urgent’ but we had to wait a week for the doctor to get around to writing the referral letter and the appointment is in a month’s time – when it was booked a couple of weeks ago.


I’m not really feeling their sense of urgency, but after months of him not really sleeping at night, being in pain every day and generally just struggling with it all, we are definitely feeling a sense of urgency at our end. Sense of urgency plus feeling absolutely useless as we can’t do anything to help other than doses of painkillers and hugs whilst watching it get steadily worse.


Then I also spent most of the last week really ill in bed (well on my sofa!) with tonsillitis and then a heavy cold, which even had me throwing up and generally feeling like hell. The 6 lbs of weight I’ve lost in a week probably shows just how bad it’s been. Si and one of the boys have also been ill with heavy colds, basically I’d avoid us like the plague for at least a few more days ha!


All in all so far this has probably been the worst start to a year for us so far – I hope forever ha! I’ve also decided I am never using the phrase ‘it could be worse’ again, as apparently that sort of attempt at optimism is just tempting fate. I am aware though that a lot of people have things worse than we do at the moment, but I’m still allowing myself a bit of a wallow.


On the plus side, minus the skin infection which is even worse today we’re all feeling a lot better, it’s almost the tween’s birthday when he’ll become a teenager (slight eek) , I have two amazingly lovely children who were both looking after me when I was ill and even cooked their own tea and Si has been an absolute beaut, even if he has mocked me slightly recently when I’ve cried over stupid things.


If you’ve managed to read all the way to the end of this post without rolling your eyes and pressing the close browser button I’m impressed and I promise I’ll be a whole lot more cheery soon. For now though I mostly want to binge eat 6 lbs worth of chocolate and continue hiding in my sofa cocoon.


Please tell me your 2019’s are going better than ours?!


Stevie x

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  1. 17 February 2019 / 7:27 pm

    Oh no Stevie what a horrendous start to 2019 for you all. Sounds as if the house situation is a complete nightmare, and then getting really poorly on top of that. Really hope you get a break real soon love xx

    • 17 February 2019 / 8:16 pm

      Thanks beaut, it has just been one thing after another lately! I’m pretty sure we’re owed some good luck ha!

      Stevie xx

  2. Hilda Wright
    18 February 2019 / 10:46 am

    No eye rolling here, plenty of justification for feeling down. I’m sorry you’ve had so much to cope with and I hope that the spring sunshine comes out soon and life starts to improve! We’ve had condensation and mold issues in our house but nothing like that bad! Ours was cured by sticking the heating on a bit more often and keeping windows open so we really got off lightly! I’m also suffering some nasty skin conditions at the moment so can totally sympathise on that score. Chin up, you’ll get there! Hugs! xxx

    • 18 February 2019 / 8:12 pm

      Thanks Hilda, the sun actually came out this afternoon and it almost felt like spring! I really hope your skin recovers soon, I’ve had issues myself in the past so I know just how draining it can be.

      Stevie xx

  3. 18 February 2019 / 12:27 pm

    Oh no! Houses can be a right pain can’t they? So many nasty surprises can lurk and when you finally discover them they almost always cost £££. I hope Si manages to sort it all out for minimum money and without too much further hassle. And I hope that the dermatologist has more of a sense of urgency than whoever referred you, sounds awful to be in such pain, and to watch him be in such pain and not able to do anything.
    Here’s hoping 2019 gets a whole lot better for you very soon x

    • 18 February 2019 / 8:22 pm

      Thank you Anna and yep houses and cars are the two things (other than children) guaranteed to always cost you more money than you’d expect for things. I’m just so glad Si is so good at DIY, otherwise the issue would seem even worse! Today has been a good day though and I’ve spent a lot of it laughing and smiling, which was just what I needed!

      Stevie x

  4. Cherie Chudyk
    18 February 2019 / 5:15 pm

    So sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you, it will get better. I had a terrible start to 2018 with that Australian flu, so this year just grateful to be well and out walking, better than last year. We suffered many years with black mould and damp in a rented house, so I understand a little of what that’s like, hope you can get it sorted out. It’s incredibly hard to see a child suffering and not be able to help them, as mum’s we just want to make everything better and sometimes just can’t. At least the weather is fairly mild, could you get out for some walks now you’re feeling a bit better? Thinking of you …. it will get better.

    • 18 February 2019 / 10:35 pm

      Thank you Cherie, it definitely hasn’t been the best start! Funnily enough we went out for a walk today and it definitely cleared my head and made me feel a lot less stressed, even if some of our stresses won’t disappear for a while yet. Things definitely feel a bit better today :)

      Stevie x