Life Update: Homeschooling

Life Update: Homeschooling


I’ve been a bit quiet recently on here and on social media and that’s partly because I’ve had an awful flu type bug and partly because things have changed a bit around here.


Life Update: Homeschooling


Today was the first official day of homeschooling my teenager. For various reasons he has been extremely unhappy at school for a very long time and he’s also been falling behind academically.


We decided that we needed to draw a line under it and do what was best for him and remove him from school. His little brother is still at the school he’s left and he really likes it there, so will be staying.


Despite talking the idea over with Si constantly recently and worrying to start with that we were doing the right thing, I know we are now. Seeing how much happier he is already, the huge amount of work I’m undertaking to support him in this way is more than worth it.


We’re still finding our feet and since the final decision was made suddenly in the end, I am still planning exactly what we’ll be studying/doing and how and when. Although he is already working hard, as I’ve been very clear that he hasn’t finished schooling, only the location and the ‘teacher’ has changed ha!


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I’m feeling really positive about it all and a major stress has been lifted from the household. If anyone has any home education tips or knows of fantastic resources for years 10 and 11, then do feel free to be lovely and let me know! I’ve already found a lot online, especially for maths. BBC Bitesize is going to be a huge help as well.


One unexpected bonus of me now homeschooling (and him being home for a while beforehand), is that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight already. It turns out that I can’t lie to myself about how much I’m eating when there’s someone else home to witness my secret snacking…


I am still going to be running my blog and trying to juggle everything, but I’ll be mostly working during his lunch break, in the evenings and during the school holidays –  which he is definitely still having when his brother does.


Anyway, wish us luck – hopefully we won’t need it!


Stevie x




  • Lisa

    Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry things got so stressful that you had to make such an enormous leap but I’m so glad you felt you could! I have nothing but admiration for home schoolers. There are so many resources these days including homeschool meet ups and physical resources as well as online ones. I’m sure you guys will do brilliantly. Massive love to you and your family. Xxxx

  • Plutonium Sox

    Sorry you’ve had to make this decision but I think you’re amazing for doing it and I hope that if I was faced with the same situation, I’d do the same. It’s a huge sacrifice for you but it will be the making of him I’m sure.

  • Emma

    I wish you all the luck with home schooling, I think any parent would do the same if it was the right choice! I’m sure it must be hard but it will all fall in to place and I wish you all the luck with it. Xx

  • Jane Gorton

    I would love to hear your journey as My Son in Year 11 is having the same problems as yours. I’m in two minds whether to leave him in or take him out. The University near his school had a stabbing two weeks ago and I do feel for his safety when I drop him off. Gone were the times that you could let you child walk to school.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    a Oh Jane that’s awful! We’re only a week in so far, but it is going really well and he’s a lot happier. Also I am actually astounded by how much is available online to help, from worksheets and online/app Maths applications and tests to support and more. The only thing to bear in mind with your son is to check the date that you would need to have applied for him to sit GCSE’s, as you need to do that yourself when you homeschool and need to pay for the exams.

    Good luck whatever you decide and I’ll be doing a post in a month or so to update on how it’s all going, or feel free to ask me via email or on social media in the mean time :)

    Stevie x

  • Tracey Williams

    Oh Stevie sounds as if you have had a hell of a month with lots of things going on. Hope you have got over the flu now, and I am so sorry to hear your son was struggling so much in school. It must have been so hard for you all, but you know your son best and sounds as if you have made the best decision for him and for the family. Lots of love x

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