LighterLife Fast Diet Week One


I was offered the opportunity to review the LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet recently and I jumped at the chance. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now and have been steadily gaining rather than losing. Pretty soul-destroying at times.


It isn’t so much about how I look, although obviously that does come into it a bit. It is more about all of the clothes I own, that I can no longer wear. I’m not a wealthy person and I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes every few months.


I’ve failed at numerous other diets already that I’ve half-heartedly taken on. The problem usually is that it takes too much time to calculate the calories or the points etc that I can eat. I get so confused that I end up almost in tears, hungry, with no idea what I’m supposed to be allowed to eat. There are some Dieting Lies That I Tell Myself that don’t help either.


LighterLife Fast have sent me lots of their LighterLife Fast products to try out including meal bars, snack bars, soups, bolognese, porridge, snacks and more. I’ll show you a few of these as the weeks go by.


LighterLife Fast products


The LighterLife Fast diet works on the same principles as the regular 5:2 diet, so 2 days of low calories – fasting. You consume four LighterLife Fast products a day on fast days, which add up to around 800 calories. The four products provide you with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. Then on the other days you eat normally, but healthily. Obviously it’s a good idea not to binge on the other days, though I admit not all of my non fast days were healthy at all.


I love the simplicity of this diet, literally you know on two days of the week you need to eat 4 of the LighterLife Fast products and you can enjoy two of their Lighter Bites snacks. There’s no stressing over what to eat or calculating anything. Simple and easy to follow, I think that’s what I need.


The first week of the diet has also coincided with my walking challenge, so I am really hoping that the combined extra exercise and better diet will really boost my weight loss and energy levels.


At this point I’ll try anything. Here’s how my week went.


Monday 1st May


Since it’s the first day of the diet I am weighing myself for a nice depressing start weight of 11 stone 7 lbs. I’m only 5 foot 2 tall (or short rather) so for my height this weight is really not healthy. I need to either grow taller erm or sort myself out with the help of LighterLife Fast.


This is the heaviest that I have been in 7 years and I’m not embarrassed to admit I cried when I saw the numbers. No one else to blame but me though, so will get on with it. Chose today as a fast day for a good start.


I actually love the LighterLife Fast porridge pots, so long as you add a little less water than it says it is a great consistency and tastes lovely too. The bars taste pretty similar to other protein type bars that I’ve tried before. Really nice, filling and really sweet, plus so chewy it’s a workout for your jaw.


I won’t lie … today was really hard. After being used to eating way more calories than I need every day, the sudden decrease left me feeling tired and grumpy. My stomach physically hurt and I ‘may’ have snapped at everyone in the house and had to apologise.. The good thing is though I know I only have to wait until tomorrow to eat ‘normally’ again.


Tuesday 2nd May


After my Fast day yesterday though all I’ve wanted to eat was brown bread non stop. Possibly because it’s one of my favourite things and I was thinking about it all day yesterday. Peanut butter on brown bread toast was my start to the day and it had never tasted so good. I think a lot of my fasting days may be spent mentally planning what I want to eat the next day ha!


Wednesday 3rd May


Today was the first day of my walking challenge for charity, so no way I was making it a fast day. I managed just over my 10k steps today and actually enjoyed doing it. It did make me realise just how little I usually walk though and I think exercising more as well as the 5:2 could be the way to go for me.


My first walk was around The Lost Gardens of Heligan with Si’s Mum. Feeling ready to face tomorrow’s fast.


Lost Gardens of Heligan


Thursday 4th May


My second fast day of the week. I found today’s fast a lot easier, I think possibly because I was doing my walking challenge out and about. I had less time to think about food and I actually felt a bit less hungry this time during the day. Also having a bar for lunch came in really handy as I could carry my lunch with me on my walk.


This evening was more of a struggle with everyone eating around me and me drinking a LighterLife Fast shake. The milkshakes aren’t bad though, just make sure you shake them before drinking. I’m not feeling as desperately hungry and grumpy as on Monday’s fast … but not far from it.


Friday 5th May


Although happy to eat ‘normal’ food today, I didn’t feel so starving that I needed to stuff my face. I think my body must be adjusting a little to my new routine and is getting more used to me not eating 6 foot tall man portions. I’m still eating a lot though and possibly more than I should on a diet, which makes me a bit nervous for Monday’s weigh in.


Saturday 6th May


Seriously naughty lunch of cheese and onion pasty WITH chips today, eek it tasted so good. Luckily it was followed by a walk of about 7 miles up and down cliff paths and ridiculous hills, so I think I must have burned it off. There may also have been ice cream … Just two slices of toast for tea.


Sunday 7th May


After yesterday’s walk I could barely move today but still needed to get as many steps in as possible. It hurt a lot. I also ate a huge freezer tea – chunky frozen chips and fish cakes. Possibly not the best choice the night before weight in.


Monday 8th May Morning Weigh In:


Today I am 11 stone 4 lbs! This means in my first week despite still eating a lot on non fasting days, I have lost 3 lbs. I’m so happy plus I think I must have lost inches too as I am wearing a pair of jeans that haven’t fit me for a few months. I’ve now remembered to use a tape measure to check this for next time.


I think LighterLife Fast and extra walking may very well be the things that click for me. I’m challenging myself this week to get to 11 stone exactly… wish me luck.


I’ll be brave and show you some photos of me at the end of the diet from before and after. I’m not loving the idea of showing them now though ha!


*If you want to try the LighterLife Fast diet yourself check out the LighterLife Fast website or pop to Superdrug who stock the tasty and convenient range. LighterLife Fast say it will make it easy to say no to making unhealthy diet choices in a bid to save time, changing your ‘I can’t attitude’ into an ‘I can attitude’ so you can let your confidence shine through 2017 and beyond!*


Stevie x

I was sent LighterLife Fast products for the purpose of trying out the diet, however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.
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  1. 8 May 2017 / 12:04 pm

    A brilliant first week – first of many I’m sure. Keep going Mrs. You can do it xx

  2. 8 May 2017 / 1:18 pm

    Well done Stevie! What a great start. Good luck!

  3. 8 May 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Well done! I’m currently on SlimFast which has seen me lose almost half a stone. My friend does the 5:2 (not lighter life) and has done so well. It’s not for me though as I love my food! I think that’s why SlimFast works well for me as you can eat 6 times a day. Breakfast shake or porridge, snack bar or pack of cheddar bites/pretzels, shake for lunch or meal replacement bar, snack, 600kcal meal, another snack. Can’t wait to read more of your progress!

  4. 8 May 2017 / 8:54 pm

    You are doing so well Stevie and this looks like it fits well into your life. I hope the rest goes smoothly! x

  5. 10 May 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Fantastic first week Stevie, and you are doing amazing with your daily step count. Lots of luck to you x

  6. Ben Robb
    21 May 2017 / 6:25 pm

    i’ve had to lose weight for an operation and it’s so hard, especially when you are addicted to burgers, chips and pizza, so I started walking everyday and now the weight is slowly coming off

    • 21 May 2017 / 10:53 pm

      I think walking really is so good for you, I’m surprised how much my fitness level has improved since I’ve been walking a lot every day. Not to mention my mood and ability t run up the stairs without getting out of breath :) Well done, I know how hard it is and I hope you’re enjoying your walks.