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Liked and Loved: April 2019


This year is just flying by! With it being the end of yet another month, here’s my liked and loved post for April 2019, it’s been a pretty great month.


Home Progress


Si had a week off of work in the Easter school holidays and spent pretty much every day of it working on the eldest’s bedroom. Which means that it finally has walls again AND some actual paint on the walls, even if it is only the initial white coat. There’s still loads to do in there, but we’re definitely getting there! One day I might even get my bed back again ha.


The Lizard – Clifftop Walk


Si and I disappeared for a teen-free walk at the Lizard and popped in for lunch at the lovely Polpeor Cafe down there this month. It was just what I needed to blow a few cobwebs away. It is so beautiful down there, if you’ve never been to that part of Cornwall then it should definitely be on your to visit list.


Walking Cornwall - The Lizard clifftop views


Sea views around the Lizard Cornwall


School Holidays


Even though these days school holidays mostly mean the teens sleeping for half of the day and then mostly coming downstairs for food or to beg a lift, I do love the holidays. Especially now that I homeschool one of the boys, as it means it’s definitely a holiday for me too, or rather a chance to get a lot more of my own work done.


Plus, I do love a lie-in or 14 and I’ve actually had the time to read a whole book.


Game of Thrones


It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this series of Game of Thrones and eek it’s the last ever one! Si and I both love the show and can’t wait to see how on earth they plan to end it all, Game of Thrones is most definitely never predictable. Are you watching it too? Episode three of the new series was seriously epic!


Starting a New Blog… well 2


This month has been a busy one! I’ve launched one new site, A Home In Cornwall and I also have another site which isn’t live and public yet, as I have a lot of work to do and add before I launch it. Exciting times, though I must be mad writing three sites as well as homeschooling ha!


A Home In Cornwall blog header




It was my birthday this month and since all of our money is being spent on re-doing the eldest’s room and other things that need doing around the home, I only asked for one thing from Si and the boys. Aquaman on DVD and it didn’t disappoint. I love superhero films – the boys went to watch the newest Avengers film without me recently and I might eventually forgive them…




Talk about being hit with a heavy dose of nostalgia! SodaStream contacted us to ask to work with me this month and they sent me a SodaStream. We had one at my Dad’s house in the 80’s and early 90’s and I loved it. We’ve pretty much just been using it to make fizzy Vimto with our Vimto squash, which is an absolutely bargain way to have fizzy drinks at home and has the added bonus of meaning we’re using a lot less plastic by not buying individual fizzy drinks all the time.


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Everyone in our house has a slight obsession with fizzy Vimto thanks to @sodastreamgb and the fab SodaStream Spirit that they sent to me {#AD-Gifted } and I've been feeling all nostalgic, as we had a SodaStream when I was small a erm 'few' years ago. I'm writing up a blog post about the SodaStream, they didn't ask me too, but we love it so much that I want to. Plus I love the fact that we can now enjoy fizzy drinks without spending a fortune, without buying quite so many plastic bottles (we mostly re-use/re-purpose or if not recycle the big bottles, whereas the little bottle just get recycled) and without having to drive to the shop. We're saving money too as we buy the huge bottles of Vimto which were on offer, which will last for ages much like the gas (which you get refilled so less wasted packaging etc) in the SodaStream! Did you have a SodaStream 'back in the day' and/or do you have one now? Stevie x #sodastream #allthefizz #sodastreamuk #plasticfreelife #plasticfree #gifted #ukparentbloggers #parentbloggersuk #instayum #nostalgic #sustainable #bubbles #sparklingwater #fizzy #fizzyvimto #allthebubbles #drinkmore #igerscornwall #loveSodaStream #SodaStreamSpirit #sodastreamer

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Did you have a good April?


Stevie x


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