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Liked and Loved – August 2016

Despite a pretty shaky start to the month for various reasons. There has still been so much for me to like and love about August 2016. It seems somewhat mad to me that it is almost over already.


In a small way I am almost ready for the boys to go back to school, so that I can work in a lot more peace. Mostly though, the holidays have flown past way too quickly and I will miss them.


Our August has had lots of lovely things in it though. Here it is, my things I have liked and loved this month post for August 2016 – where items have been sent to me specifically to be mentioned in this post, they will be marked with a *.


Having the boys home


As I said above, the holidays have gone far too quickly. I have however loved having my boys at home with me, not to mention all the extra lie ins!


Kelly’s ice cream*


Kelly’s contacted me to see if we would like to be sent an ice-cream sundae starter pack and some vouchers for ice-cream. Yes please! We used our vouchers to buy two lots of ice-cream, which led me to discover my new favourite.


Kelly’s of Cornwall‘s Choc Brownie Salted Caramel. Honestly the most amazing ice-cream I have ever tasted and my new firm favourite. We were sent a special metal ice cream scoop, the vouchers, some delicious¬†new low sugar dessert sauces from Clarks and a guide on how to make the perfect scoop.


The guide was by food stylist, Helen Upshall and was really handy. I now want to buy some proper sundae bowls so we can make some more. The boys made our sundaes, which tasted fantastic. I could have done a nice fancy one for the photos below, but they loved doing it and I think they did a good job of the scooping! I am thinking I may try one with broken meringues and strawberries next.


Kelly's Ice Cream


Having Si home for a week


Si took a weeks holiday from work to spend with us. Typically it was when Cornwall decided to have some pretty stormy weather. We did however fit in some lovely family days out before that happened.


Land’s End


Land’s End was one of the family days out we had. I am going to write the day out up in more detail soon, but it was a lot of fun. We actually paid to go in to the attraction, which isn’t something we have done for years. The boys loved it and we stayed for the fireworks once it was dark.


Land's End scenic view of the sea and rocks


Beautiful Flowers*


The lovely people at Beards and Daisies asked if they could send me some flowers. I was happy to say yes and the ones that arrived this week were beautiful. Bright pops of colour with a real hedgerow influence on the smaller flowers, that reminded me of Cornish lanes.


They also smelt absolutely amazing, you can smell them as soon as you walk in to the house. Such a fresh smell, bringing the outdoors inside with you. Simply beautiful.


Beards and Daisies pink and white flowers


A busy inbox


I have had some brilliant blog opportunities come through my email inbox recently. It has definitely been a good month, I hope September is half as good.




We went shopping in Plymouth for some back to school things for the boys and this new notebook from Paperchase forced me to buy it. Honestly it was shouting to me in the shop and wouldn’t stop until I brought it home with me.


New polkadot Paperchase notebook


Being number 21 in the Tots 100


I have no idea how, as I thought last month’s ranking of 23 was a mistake. I am so happy though to be number 21 in the Tots 100 rankings of over 8000 parent bloggers. I know supposedly we shouldn’t care about the numbers, but this has made me pretty proud.


Running competitions


I have six competitions running on my blog at the moment. I love running them, as I like making people happy when I email to tell them they have won something. It gives me a real buzz.


Reaching 2000 likes on Facebook


Facebook is by far the social media that I struggle with for my blog. It really is hard to grow those number of likes (hint hint to any of you not already liking my page). To finally reach 2000 feels pretty huge, even considering the 15.5k I have on Twitter ha!


I hope you have all had fantastic Augusts and have lots to look back on and smile about. I also wish you an amazing September.


Stevie x



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