Pentewan woods bridge Cornwall
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Liked and Loved: October 2018


Time for my monthly happy post, all about the things I have liked and loved during October 2018!




I’ve written about our decision to homeschool one of our sons recently and even after only 2 weeks of homeschooling, I know that it was the right decision. I have a much happier teenager, we have a much more chilled out house full stop and I am actually loving having him at home. Even if it is quite hard work at times!


Pentewan and Heligan


Although we’ll be working hard during homeschool hours, I am determined that we’ll get out and about for walks as well. We’ve definitely managed that so far and we’ve been to both gorgeous Pentewan and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We used both to do some English work afterwards, as well as being a good bit of exercise and fresh air.


Pentewan woods bridge Cornwall


The Mud Maid in Autumn at Heligan


Flowers from Flo


I forgot to take a photo of them, but earlier this month with me feeling a bit under the weather and stressed for a couple of different reasons, Si’s Mum Flo bought me some gorgeous flowers. It was so lovely of her. I always say that it is a really good job that we get on so well, with them only living two doors away!


Feeling well again!


It felt like I was ill forever! I had a nasty flu type bug that really knocked the stuffing out of me for a while, it was such a relief to feel well again and to stop coughing finally. I think Si was especially glad of the cough going ha!




I know Christmas is ages away really, but with all the prep work for my Christmas competitions which start on the 1st November on wards, our house has had Christmas stuff everywhere for weeks and I am loving it. I also love running giveaways and making someone’s dy by choosing them as a winner.


Christmas Shopping giveaways 2018


Half Term


We will be having taking our homeschool school holidays at the same time as my youngest’s school holidays all the time and currently we’re at the end of one half term week off, with another one to go. It’s been lovely having the boys both at home, having the time to catch up with work without homeschooling and we have some fun exciting plans for next week all four of us.


St Mawes and my phone yet again


I have probably added my phone to these lists several times already, but I keep discovering new elements to using it for photography and fall in love with it all over again. This month I’ve discovered that the ‘night’ mode on my Huawei P20 Pro phone camera is ace. Si and I went out for a drive and ended up at St Mawes, which is somewhere that I love anyway. I took this photo of the castle, which I love and which has proven pretty popular on Instagram!



What has been good about your own month?


Stevie x



  • Catherine

    I am constantly amazed by just how good the Huawei P20 is. My husband has the basic version and the camera on that is ace – but your Pro photos are amazing!

    Really pleased that homeschooling is going well for you, and that you are feeling better too. xxx

  • Mary

    I so love these photos! And I’m also excited for Christmas coming up around the corner; I’ve already started gift shopping!


  • Helena

    I think it’s lovely that you are able to get out and about and use your experiences to do homeschooling. May homeschooling continue to go well. #LikedandLoved

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