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Liked and Loved: September 2018


Here’s my run down list of all the things I have liked and loved in September 2018 – my monthly happy list.


Lost Gardens yellow flowers


Heligan in Bloom


I took Si’s Mum Flo to the Lost Gardens of Heligan for a wander around a couple of weeks ago and the gardens were looking even more beautiful than usual. I’m planning on heading there again soon for another walk and to see the new baby cows!


Flowers at The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Back to School return to routine.


We had the most wonderfully relaxed school summer holiday, but it has actually been really nice to get back into a routine again. I actually now know what day of the week it is and I’m not running behind on emails etc.


Paying my way


Before I started blogging, I wasn’t working as the cost of childcare didn’t make it worth it for us. Since starting my blog my income has increased steadily every year, until I’m at the point now where I actually feel that I’m making a real contribution to the family finances. It’s a really nice feeling and I’m actually pretty proud of myself.


Robinsons Refresh’d


Robinsons sent us some Refresh’d drinks this month, the flavours we had already tried, Apple and Kiwi and the Raspberry and Apple. They also sent us the brand new flavour Orange and Passion Fruit, which I really enjoyed. They’re a mixture of spring water and real fruit and myself and the teen really like them.


Robinsons Refresh'd




Living in St Austell, we aren’t actually that far from Fowey, but this month was the first time that I had been there in a very long time. Fowey is a beautiful place and out fo the main tourism season it’s a very relaxed quieter place too.


Beautiful Fowey


Sculpture in Fowey Cornwall


Surprise Post


I had a lovely parcel arrive from NOWTV and ABC Studios recently, inside were lots of Greys Anatomy goodies and even more excitingly they’ve told me that series 15 of Greys will be on NOWTV soon eeeeeeek! Hence the very cheesy happy selfie below in the Greys Anatomy jumper that they sent me.


Cheesy selfie Greys Anatomy


House Progress


Si aka Mr DIY ha, has been busy replacing all the fascias on the house and is about to do the guttering too, it all looks so new and clean. It’s definitely made the house look better and we have some exciting house plans in the next year or so too – one day we’ll be finished I’m sure and Si can actually have a rest.


Wheal Martyn


Flo and I popped to Wheal Martyn today for a walk, some lunch and to drop off a big bag of clothes that I’ve donated to their charity fashion show evening. It was a gorgeous day and with the first signs of autumn showing in the colourful leaves on the floor already, it was the perfect time for a walk through their woods.


autumn is here


I hope you’ve had a lovely September? Obviously mine wasn’t perfect, but this post is only about the happy bits so I’ll not mention the times this month when I’ve been a right mardy mare ha!


Stevie x





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