Liked and Loved: July 2018


Here’s my usual round-up post of everything that I have liked and loved over the current month – this time for July 2018.


Mining heritage and sunset at Wheal Coates



With all the long hot days recently, the clear evenings have made for some pretty epic looking skies around Cornwall this month. Si and I kept meaning to go for a walk to enjoy one and take a few photos, but things kept happening … like the teenager breaking his finger and us all spending the evening at A and E, but we got to do it in the end.


It was actually a bit cloudy on the night that we did get to see the sunset over Wheal Coates in St Agnes, this added to the effect for the photos though! I suspect you’ll see me spamming everyone with sunset shots for weeks on social media, as I took hundreds of photos ha!



St Agnes sunset and engine house Wheal Coates


The Start of the School Holidays


I love it when the boys break up for summer, not only do I get more time with them, but also I don’t have to make their packed lunches every night AND I get to have as many lie ins as I like. That’s a definite bonus to having older children! We also have lots of fun plans for the summer… or I do anyway, I just have to convince the boys that they want to do them with me.


Our New Utility Room


Si has been working on our big sheds/outbuildings for ages in his ‘spare’ time around work and everything else. My shed is now almost finished, he’s done an amazing job on it. It now has our washing machine, tumble dryer and sink in, so works perfectly as a new utility room.


I’ll show you it properly once it has completely been finished, for now though I am just so happy not to have the tumble dryer in the way inside the dining room any more! Honestly the man is a DIY genius.


Shea Moisture Hair Products


I was sent some Shea Moisture hair products to try this month and to include in this post if I liked or loved them and I actually love them! This range is vegan, cruelty free and packed full of natural and certified organic ingredients.


Because they all contain coconut water, they all smell amazing and remind me of the sun creams that we used to have when I was a child. Such a fresh yummy smell and they seem to have put a bit of life back into my listless hair as well. I’m in the midst of attempting to grown out all of the old dye in my hair at the moment, so anything that makes my hair look a bit better and well nourished is great by me! Slightly shocking to me just how many grey hairs I now have though.


Shea Moisture Hair Products


Digital Drop-In Event


I helped out at a Digital Drop-In session run by the Post Office and Google recently and I really enjoyed it. It was so nice to feel that I could help people out and I met lots of lovely people during the day as well. Plus lunch at the Plymstock Inn with the Post Office/Google crowd and other bloggers was lovely. I highly recommend lunch there!


The Teenager’s Finger Starting to Heal


As I mentioned above, the teenager managed to break his little finger in July. He actually did it quite a while after he should have been home as he was late coming in, so we ‘may’ have told him it was karma for not doing what he was told ha!


Poor boy though, it was really painful and stopped us from having a sea kayaking lesson that we’d all been looking forward to, but it is on the mend. Which means he can swim when we go away for a few days next week to see family. Which I am glad about, as I paid extra money specifically to have  a hotel with a swimming pool.


The Football


Okay so we didn’t make it through to the final, but England did so well to get as far as they did in the World Cup and I thoroughly enjoyed shouting at the television with Si as we watched – sorry neighbours!


The Pollen Count Finally Being Low Hurrah!


All through June and the start of July I was feeling so ill from hayfever. I always get it badly anyway, but this year with the count so ridiculously high I really did struggle and I had to stay indoors a lot. For the last week or so the count has finally been low and I’m not having to take antihistamines and nose sprays etc any more. I can actually get back outside a lot more and it feel so good.


Pentewan trail - bridge and river


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It was a bit grey at the beach this morning and it even rained a little bit on my way home. I won't lie, as lovely as the sun has been it felt so good to have a cooler day and I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight without waking up to throw the covers off in the middle of the night. The sun will be back soon apparently, I hope so for all the holiday makers who seem to have flocked to Cornwall already. Tonight we are stuffed after ordering Dominos for tea – the teen chose what to have since it's his 14th birthday today (😭😭) and now we're settling down to watch the footy in a minute eek come on England! Stevie x #Cornwall #loveCornwall #igerscornwall #seaside #seascape #shell #sealife #ukexplore #kernowfornia #kernow #outsideandalive #outsideeveryday #itscominghome #walkingcornwall #Par #ParBeach #swisbest #southwest #swengland #exploreuk #ukparentbloggers #parentbloggersuk #cornwalllife #lovewestcountry #southwest #outdoorlife #outdoorexplore #lovewhereilive #sandywalks

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New Computer


I wouldn’t say that my laptop making weird sounds and then having smoke coming out of it was a highlight of July for me, but I so love the replacement that I bought. I have gone for a desktop all-in-one pc instead of a laptop, as I am fed up of dodgy hinges and overheating fans with laptops.


I am so glad that I did, as my pc is ace and the screen is huge enough that once it’s in the conservatory that we plan to eventually build, we’ll be able to also use it to watch NOWTV and Netflix on.


What was great about your July? Lots I hope! My usual liked and loved linky will go live for bloggers to link up tomorrow. if you’d like to join in with your own monthly happy post.


Stevie x





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  1. 29 July 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Love these photos! And yay to a great new PC! :D

  2. 31 July 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Oh there’s nothing better than a new computer! I love getting a new laptop and getting used to it although I adore my macbook so very much doubt I’ll be changing anytime soon.

  3. 6 August 2018 / 9:09 am

    The digital drop in session sounds fantastic. It always feels like a boost when we feel we’ve been able to help others.

  4. 17 August 2018 / 10:30 pm

    I am so excited for your new utility. I know how long that has been in the planning – and your sunsets are beautiful! I really do envy your Cornwall life x

  5. 25 August 2018 / 7:50 am

    Oh, those sunsets are beautiful! And, I think I was cheering along with you when the pollen count started to drop – it feels like this has been a bad year for hayfever!

    Thanks so much for hosting #LIkedandLoved

    • 27 August 2018 / 12:11 am

      I was sooo ill this year with hayfever and so were so many people, I think a lot of us are secretly happy about the rain now ;)

      Stevie x