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Liked and Loved – March 2016

It’s time for my favourite post of the month again, things that I have liked and loved in March 2016. Feel free to join in with my Ten Things linky and do your own liked and loved list.


Mother’s Day hamper – I have never in my life received anything quite so amazing through the post or rather via a parcel delivery man as this hamper. If you haven’t seen already click over there  Mother’s Day Hamper for a nose ;)  It arrived when I’d had a really stressful week for several reasons, it really was the best timing.


Mother's Day Hamper
A few of my treats


Getting Fin’s Type 1 Diabetes more stable – Type 1 is really not easy to control and we were struggling for a while, but with some tweaks I feel like we’re back in control now – or as in control as it is possible to be. This has meant I’ve actually been getting more sleep and my stress levels are a lot lower :)


Long walks – With the weather being so lovely (until today!) we have had a few lovely walks recently. Some as a family and one just me and Si, the fresh air, sunshine and being near the sea (plus brilliant company of course) has had me smiling a lot this month.


March Walks


Harley’s learning assembly – My youngest’s school do learning assemblies, where the children do mini plays, presentations, songs and all sorts of other things to show their parents and the rest of the juniors what they have been learning in class. Harley had a few speaking bits and really did me proud, loved watching it.


Bodmin Jail – Not only did we have a brilliant day out at Bodmin Jail recently, but I have also starting doing some regular monthly freelance work for them by writing for the Bodmin Jail blog. I’m having a lot of fun thinking up ideas, I have some plans for it that I’m excited about and my first post is already live over there.


Having less pain – I tried waist training this month, which I mostly did to try to combat my hip and back pain and it seems to be helping. I’m not claiming it is a magic cure, but the help it has given my posture seems to really have helped – I’m pretty happy with the inches I lost as well even if I still can’t figure out how!


Easter eggs – Yes I have already eaten several this month already, very naughty I know. Aldi sent me a surprise parcel of Easter goodies and I really did enjoy them a bit too much…. I might wait a while to weigh myself again. Seriously yummy though.

Aldi Easter Treats


Being nominated for awards  – So far I know partly from being tweeted by the MAD blog awards team and from people telling me, that I have been nominated for the MAD’s Blog of the Year and School Days award categories. Also in the Britmum’s Bibs award I have been nominated in the Fresh Voice category and a few others.

It really means so much to me that people have voted for me, even if I find it hard to believe I even have a slim chance with so many brilliant blogs out there! I wrote my ‘Cringe post’ about how to vote and my preferred categories after blogger friends inboxed me to say they’d voted for me in those categories and really I just want to say thank you to everyone who has voted so far mwah x


Going to a friend’s 40th birthday – It isn’t often we go out in the evenings, to be honest we are both home bodies in the evenings and enjoy our time together, but it was lovely for a change to go out and have a good evening out with friends.



The Lost Gardens of Heligan – You can read about our day out to Heligan here  Heligan Gardens – if you haven’t already. If you’ve never been there before I really do recommend going. We have our local’s passes now so will be going again very soon.


What have you really loved or liked this month?


Stevie x


  • Plutonium Sox

    Ah it sounds like you’ve had a great month! I loved seeing all your photos from your hamper and it’s great to hear that the boys are both doing well. Huge congratulations on your award nominations, totally well deserved!

  • There's always time for tea

    It sounds like you’ve had a fab month! I’m glad you have managed to get Fin’s diabetes under control and you are feeling less stressed. That hamper looks amazing! I hope you win lovely, you deserve to! xx Thanks for hosting xx

  • Mrs Puddleducky

    Hi Stevie! Some wonderful positive things here! Congrats on your nominations, well deserved I say! Good to hear the diabetes is more under control, I can only imagine how worrying that must be. Gorgeous photos as usual, I like the look and sound of your long walks! #TenThings

  • Becster

    Another great month Stevie! I’ll have to have a read about the waist training as I’m starting to have trouble with my hip again! Love the surprise gifts! x

  • Pickinguptoys

    I loved seeing all the items you had in the Mothers Day hamper they really were gorgeous.Well done to Harley and fab to hear Fin is doing well!Just had an MRI for my dodgy hip as the X-Ray didn’t show anything so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.Glad yours isn’t so bad now.Good luck with the awards,I’d love to see your name up in the final list xx #tenthings

  • Mandi

    Sounds like a great month, my children’s primary school used to do the assemblies, but when the school expanded they stopped them, however they do have maths or story cafes for each year group every term, so I still get to go into school and find out what they have been doing, although the 10 year olds maths is pretty difficult!

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