Christmas 2015
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Liked and Loved for November 2016


If you have already read my Life Update post, then you will now that November hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for us. I still have a broken car, the house is still in chaos. However, as always this post is only about the happy liked and loved moments and there have still been plenty of those.


My new Coat


I am a little bit in love with my new North Face coat. It is just so cosy in the colder weather now and since for part of the month we didn’t have any heating, I was living in the fleece part at one point. Plus reviewing it was a great excuse for a beach walk.


North Face Jacket - Millets and Blacks


Running Competitions


I have a few competitions running at the moment in my competition section, including an amazing £100 voucher for Red Letter Days. Competitions can be a bit of a pain to run sometimes, but I still love running them. Mostly as I get a real happy buzz from sending someone a congratulations email. Knowing you’re making someone happy like that, is a nice feeling.




Don’t worry I do know that this was in October, it just happened after my last Liked and Loved , so I am adding it to November’s post.


I loved Halloween this year …. because the boys are finally old enough to go Trick or Treating with their friends. That sounds mean I know, but for the first time when they have gone Trick or Treating, I haven’t been there freezing my bum off.


We were also sent a pretty cool hamper from the Co-op and had fun making some yummy treats.





I reviewed a Thermapen food thermometer this month. I suspect this will seem a bit of an odd favourite to many people. However, I am really not a natural chef and since I have previously given Simon food poisoning, I am a little nervous when it comes to cooking meat. Now that we have the thermometer, we are actually eating a lot more meat.


I even cooked a mixed grill today, which is not something that has ever happened.



I included YouTube last month for a different reason. This month it is because crazily one of my videos has gone a bit mad on there. My Smiggle advent calendar video has had over 19000 views since I posted it on there. A crazy number and there have been so many lovely comments from Tweens on there.



We are still living in chaos, but there is light at the end of the decorating tunnel. Plus we (okay in fairness mostly Simon) have achieved a lot this month. Four rooms have been painted, one new carpet has been laid and the inbuilt wardrobes that Si is making from scratch in our room are really taking shape now.


I can’t wait to have it all finished and I am ridiculously sadly excited about being able to hang all my clothes up!


Things to Look Forward To


In December we have the lovely Lisa of The Love of A Captain and her family down for a weekend, which I am really looking forward to. Si and her Fiance Trev have been friends forever, so it’s handy Lisa and I get on so well too. We are also off to Butlin’s with them in February, which is high on my looking forward to list.


I am off to a Christmas Fair with the gorgeous Hayleigh of Budget Food Mummy on Friday. Quite frankly I am amazed she is willing to experience my driving again ha, but it should be a great night.


I am definitely looking forward to the wardrobes being finished. I would add the rest of the house and the shed outside, but I think possibly poor Si might want a bit more time than just December to do all of that. I would call him a slacker, but he may be reading over my shoulder …


Obviously, I have to add Christmas in here too. I may be lacking in a little bit of Christmas spirit at the moment with how crazy this month has been, but I am hoping for a more relaxing December and a chilled out Christmas.


Christmas 2015


What was great about your November?


Stevie x



  • luce

    Love reading these posts, my favourite part this month is the food thermometer and the mixed grill! OH is the cook in our house, I either scoff too much while making recipes and then am too full to eat the finished article or, like you, I am too scared I might make everyone sick! Might have to get a food thermometer for our house too ;-)

  • Fee Shaw

    I’ve not read one of these posts before but it has just made me so smiley. What a lovely thing to do and even reading someone else’s has just filled me with cheer. I also absolutely love your North Face jacket. Think that might be going on my Crimbo list. Hope you get your wardrobe to hang it up in done soon :) Fee x

  • Rebecca

    That is a lovely coat Stevie! I will have or have a look for one. I need a new coat. Ooo a Red Letter Day competition… will have to check that out. Is there a chance I can drive an F1 car? :D Amazing number of view on your vid!

  • Natalie

    These posts are my favourite! I love your coat the colour is lovely. A Halloween hamper sounds a treat!! Hoping you have a nice relaxing September #likedandloved

  • Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Sounds like there has been lots of positives for the month. I love the colour of your coat. I need to get a new coat but I keep putting it off. How fab about your video! I wish we had a smiggle store near us – though I would probably live in there! I hope December is a wonderful month for you and that you have a magical Christmas!

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