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Liked and Loved – September 2016

Every month I write my things I have liked and loved post. It’s my favourite post of the month and my most happy one. Here is my little happy list of things I have liked and loved in September 2016.


Back to School


I’m not actually liking or loving my boys being back at school, as I miss them a lot at times. However, one of my children has always hated school with a passion and it has caused a lot of stress over the years.


This September for the first time ever, I have sent two happy boys back to school and I have two boys who are actually enjoying their time there. The relief and difference to things at home has been pretty amazing.


After Dark at Bodmin Jail


I was so ridiculously nervous about this, but I spent a night after dark at Bodmin Jail with a group of national journalists and bloggers. It was so much fun in the end, despite the lack of sleep as I didn’t get home until 6am!


Bodmin Jail at night time


Time with Friends


We had the lovely Lisa of The Love of A Captain and her family to stay with us. Whilst she was here we met up with Hayleigh from Budget Food Mummy for an evening. Definitely good company to be in, even if I did come back from the toilet with toilet roll stuck to my foot and Hayleigh was flicking food at people by accident…


New Sat Nav


For someone who spends so much of their life getting lost, my recent TomTom Sat Nav review was very much welcome. I actually love it.


TomTom Go 5100


Child Free Night Away


We have just been on a review stay to the Moorland Garden Hotel in Devon and it was fantastic. I have never stayed in such an amazing hotel before. It isn’t just the hotel that I loved though, it was having more quality time with Si.


We sat and ate a lot, drank even more (my head is still quite achy) but more than anything else we laughed. Even after six years together we didn’t struggle to find things to talk about, I feel very lucky right now. My review will be live soon.


Things to Look Forward To


In a couple of weeks I’m off to a Lush event for bloggers with Hayleigh. We have a caravan park and a hotel stay organised for October, as well as half term to enjoy with the boys. Not to mention that I absolutely love Christmas and it is edging closer.


House Plans


Today we have been pulling furniture out, taking measurements and making plans. We have changed all our plans for what we were going to do to the upstairs bedrooms and I can’t wait to get started. My biggest boy has decided he wants his own bedroom as well, so we are looking forward to making him a more grown up room.


This of course means that we will also need to re-decorate his brother’s bedroom as well, so that we aren’t playing favourites in his eyes. I think we have a busy few months ahead. Plus Si is making us built in wardrobes, so at last I can hang my clothes up.


Artificial Grass


Now most sane people would think that I mean that we have artificial grass in the garden now. Actually, I have a sheet of artificial grass, that I have bought for inside the house as a blog photograph background …. Sad I know, but I am so excited to use it.


Double Baked Cheese Souffle


I tried this for the first time this weekend on our hotel stay, and oh my word I could happily eat it every day. Absolutely delicious.




I always love Cornwall obviously, but this is one of my favourite times of year down here. As much as I love that so many want to visit here, the calm after the storm of tourist season is very much welcome. We can actually drive to places easily without queuing everywhere and everywhere is just so much calmer and chilled out.


Plus I get to enjoy long walks minus my summer hay fever.




What was great about your September?


Stevie x


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