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My Likes and Loves for September 2017


I’m currently sat here with a really sore throat, but I so don’t care because there have been so many likes and loves for me in September 2017.


Here goes my list of things that I liked and loved in September 2017:


Trev and Lisa’s wedding!


Teeny bit of a cheat as they got married in August, but it was after my August post so I’m sneaking it in here. Si and Trev have been friends forever and it was just so lovely to watch him and Lisa get married! I may have welled up a little bit, you can just see how much they love each other though and that’s such a beautiful thing.


Trev and Lisa's wedding day


BlogOn Xmas.


I’m still recovering from this ha! Thanks to the wonderful Donna driving me part way and being my roomie I was able to make it to Manchester for the conference and I am so glad that I did. She was also brilliant company again!


It was such a good weekend and I feel like I’ve made new friends, plus I’ve finally gotten to meet a lot of the people who usually only live in my phone and laptop. It felt very odd to ‘meet’ Beth when we talk most days and have done for ages, but awesome too and she’s even funnier and lovelier in person. Even if she did LOVE how short I am a bit too much – my head is the perfect arm rest ha.




He should be at the top really ha! Obviously I always love him, even when I feel a bit like I want to kill him – apparently my cooking attempts that on a regular basis.


He’s been amazing this month though, encouraging me to get on the train to meet up with Donna and Laura when I had a sudden dose of nerves in the morning before heading to BlogOn. Looking after the boys whilst I was gone and even working out how the hoover and dishwasher worked..


Not only that but he did all that whilst sorting out a new shoe rack for the ridiculous number of shoes that we all own, cracked on with the sheds outside and just generally was brilliant. He deserves a medal sometimes for having to live with scatty me, but he really is just amazing – even with his dodgy sense of humour.


Walking in Cornwall


I’ve had some really lovely morning walks recently and now that Cornwall is getting a lot quieter as the tourist season dwindles down a bit, I’ve had beaches pretty much to myself again and it has been lovely.


Pentewan Cornwall beach


Back to school


Admittedly I am no loving the early mornings and I do miss the boys. However, I am so happy that my youngest has settled into secondary school really easily and that they are both enjoying school. Such a relief AND I don’t need to do an afternoon school run very often any more as they walk to school.


What did you love about your September?


Stevie x



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