The Little Treats Bakery: Elf and Seek Christmas Giveaway


Day seven of my Christmas Shopping Giveaways and I have a special Elf and Seek Festive Countdown from The Little Treats Bakery for you to try to win.


Elf and Seek Little Treats Bakery


The Elf and Seek Festive Countdown is a box with 24 gingerbread elves who are a very clever and fun alternative to a traditional advent calendar.  I love the packaging/box that the gingerbread elves come in – their very own ‘gingerbread’ house.


Elf and Seek Gingerbread Elves


Each elf is individually wrapped for hygiene and to keep them fresh for a special reason. Which is, that these elves aren’t supposed to stay in their house until Christmas or until someone fancies biting their heads off (sorry elves), nope these elves are for playing Elf and Seek with whilst counting down til Christmas!


Basically every day until Christmas Day you hide an elf somewhere around the house and let whoever owns the elf find it. Once they find it they can either munch it straight away or they can take a photo first to show where they found it and post it on social media with a #ELFIESELFIE just for fun. I can imagine this being fun on Instagram to check and see where other people have hidden their elves and get ideas.


Elfie Selfie gingerbread elves


I can see this appealing to all ages and you could even have it as the family advent calendar, taking it in turns to be the elf hider and the elf finder. Or if you have two children you could do it over twelve days hiding 2 elves at a time so that they have one each – that’s what we’re planning to do with our Elf and Seek.


Although ours will be for eleven days as some naughty person has already eaten an elf – it was me and I feel no guilt he tasted good! The gingerbread elves really are very cute and I’m looking forward to hiding the elves all over the place next month. I may even do an #ELFIESELFIE or two!


If you would like to buy your own Elf and Seek box of 24 gingerbread elves you can find them on Amazon. If you would like to try and win your own box, then please do enter via the Gleam widget below.


My usual terms and conditions can be found here  A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and ConditionsUK Only. Good Luck and don’t forget to check out my Christmas Shopping Giveaways main post to see what other competitions are live already and to watch for new ones!


Stevie x

Elf and Seek from The Little Treats Bakery


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