London family travel bucket list
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Our London City Family Break Bucket List

London family travel bucket list

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A London City Family Break Bucket List


We’ve had all sorts of family staycations around the UK, but somewhere that the boys have never really been is London. In fact Si and I have never visited the majority of the London attractions either.


My sole experiences of London so far have been a day trip when I was in college that involved a visit to Hampton Court Palace, half an hour to shop (so not long enough!) and watching The Tempest at The Globe Theatre. Other than that I did go to London for Britmums Live 2016, but I literally went straight to and from the venue for the event, without any detours.


Our friends live in Newbury, so I’m hoping at some point when we go to visit them, we can all do a bit of London sightseeing fun together. Here’s a little mini bucket list of all the things I want to do with my family in London in the near future!


A Sightseeing Bus Tour


I love open-topped bus tours, you get to see much more of a place than you would if you were in a car panicking about which lane you are meant to be in. I would love to do an open bus tour of London and see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and all the proper touristy highlights. Plus I love taking photos and London has some very photo worthy landmarks.


Big Ben and blue skies
Image kindly provided by Fi at Dolly Dowsie


Buckingham Palace London
Photo kindly provided by




We love aquariums and I have heard that the sea life centre in London is brilliant, so I would love to visit. It’s a bit mad to think just how many different living things there are in the sea.


Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay - Fish


Watch a West End Show


I would love to watch a West End Show, I’ve already had a nose on Discount London to see what shows are on in the near future, even though it could be ages before we get to London! Si could take a bit of convincing to go with me, as musicals etc aren’t really his thing and no doubt he’d be worried I’d be singing along loudly as well – to be fair I probably would be.


Ride on the London Eye


I would love to go on the London Eye, though knowing our luck it would be a foggy day ha! The views are meant to be pretty amazing and it’s just one of those experiences that I think a lot of people have on their bucket lists.


London Eye - Dolly Dowsie
Image kindly provided by Fi at Dolly Dowsie


ZSL London Zoo


We all enjoy going to the zoo and the boys especially would be thrilled to go here since they have sloths, which were one of their favourite animals for a very long time. Jointly with Meerkats, but they’ve seen lots of those now.


Shopping in London


Okay maybe this one is just for me, but other than that quick visit to about three shops when I had a college trip to London a few (ahem) years ago, I’ve never shopped in London. I should possibly save a lot of money before doing so ha! I’d also love to do the whole cliche thing of visiting Harrods too, especially around Christmas when Harrods and everywhere else in London is decorated and all lit up.


London at night by Mandy Charlton Photography
Photo kindly provided by


Theme Parks


I would love to take the boys back to Legoland Windsor and visit some of the other theme parks in and around London, like Chessington World of Adventure and Thorpe Park. At Universal Studios, the boys proved what daredevils they are, going to some crazily big rides and they would both love to go to some more theme parks in the UK.


What would be on your family bucket list for London and am I missing any amazing places to visit off of ours?


Stevie x


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