I'm a Loser Britmums 2016 BML16

I’m a Loser – Britmums #BML16

I’m a Loser …. don’t worry this isn’t some long list of things I hate about myself, I mean that’s old news teen me had reams of pages of that, twenties me let someone else do all the writing for that one and luckily thirties me is vaguely more sane, and a whole lot happier. No I’m talking about the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards.


I was a finalist in the fresh voice category and all day I was meeting people who said there is no way you aren’t winning. Guess what lying beggars the lot of them ;) I didn’t think I would definitely win (I seriously lack the ego for that luckily), but with a one in five chance and some lovely bloggers boosting my confidence I was hopeful.


Hope is an amazing thing – as in amazingly mean at times. I was sat one leg poised to the side of my chair just in case and hands shaking thinking of my possible speech. Drum rolls…… oh yeah you didn’t win.


I am a Loser


I’m sure many would write this post and say “oh it’s fine I knew I wouldn’t win, I’m fine with it and just happy for the winner”, but I don’t do bull…. well not often anyway ;) . I wanted to win, I thought I had a good chance and I didn’t, so yes of course I’m disappointed, yes I actually had a moment where I thought I would shame myself by crying, and no I’m not just happy for the winner… come on NO ONE ever really means that.


By the way the winner was Island Living 365 and as much as I want to say I was robbed and hiss sideways at her (not really she seems nice ha but you get the point) she writes beautifully, and from her speech on stage showed her humility and honesty. Damn her, seriously let me hate you, it would have been a lot easier ;)


I downed my glass of wine instead of heckling, I smiled and clapped – held it together with just a quick sideways whisper to Mr Kitney “I actually feel a bit like crying arghhh” carried on smiling and thought I’m a loser.


Not as in oh no my life is over as I didn’t win a bit of glass that would’ve ended being covered in dust anyway …. I just thought of when I was a teen and feeling like a loser, and that actually officially now I was a loser in an actual real sense. Loser, when it comes to weight I’m happy with, anything else in life, no thank you I like winning.


I then after a brief rant to Lisa of Mrs Savageangel and Laura of Dear Bear and Beany on the way to the tube – who didn’t realise I was capable of swearing as I never do it online – realised I am far from a loser. I hate sounding big-headed so please don’t read this next bit…. I realised that out of thousands of blogs and bloggers, I was a finalist in a pretty huge blog awards. Not everyone can say that. I have worked ruddy (see not swearing, I’m ace) hard to get to the position I am in now, being able to call blogging my career and more .


I did feel that I was letting my wonderful sponsor Bosinver Farm Cottages down by not winning and having the chance of media coverage for them afterwards, but since I wasn’t the judge I know I didn’t …. Bosinver honestly blame the judges. 


I promise I’m not crying in to my cornflakes *note to self buy cornflakes*, I didn’t win (loser)  but I’m okay with that, hey one less thing to dust right?! I don’t need an award, by far the very best part of going to Britmums was the new friendships I made and the old ones I strengthened – more on the actual Britmums conference coming soon.


I’m happy being me, I love blogging and I am blinking proud of my blog.


Stevie x


P.S Thank you anyway to everyone who voted for me originally, it really did mean a lot to me and still does x



  • Emma

    You are most certainly not a loser. You are fab blogger with an amazing blog and although we didn’t get to meet, I know that you will have rocked BML. Thanks for not heckling me ;-) xx

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    It’s okay ha ha ;) Thanks lovely and a huge congratulations! I found it impossible to work out who most people were walking around, and then of course I changed my own appearance a lot last minute and confused everyone ;)

    Stevie xx

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Ha thanks lovely ;) It was crazy with that many people, next thing we’re at together I’ll try not to go in disguise and we can play hotter and colder on twitter to find each other ;)

    Stevie xx

  • Lucy #loser

    Greetings from a fellow loser!! I must say, I’m loving the honesty here!! This is probably the best loser post that will be out there!! Of course you did really well to get to the final 5, and when I first saw your name in Fresh Voice, I thought they’d made a massive faux pas, because I assumed you’d been around for years!! So to have your following and recognition as well, is amazing!! Yes, I too would have loved to win, but I was sure I had it down to two other blogs in my category, and was sure it’d be between them-it was neither of them! I just couldn’t call it!! I was also pretty sure that nobody knew who I was (I’ll be surprised if you read this comment and can place my blog!) and I was worried about people thinking a total nobody had won if I did win!! I also thought I’d be mulling it over, agonising over what I could’ve done better, but I’ve surprised myself by not thinking about it too much! My children have been very shouty and demanding since I got back-it’s taken my mind off it fantastically!! Anyway, you were one of the many people I sadly didn’t get to meet, but maybe we should start signing our names followed by #loser?! And hopefully I’ll meet you next year!!

  • Lisa H

    I’m sorry you didn’t win but glad that you’ve realised how amazing it is to get to the top five!! I’ve been blogging five years and never achieved that so GO YOU!! :) x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Yup, you are indeed a massive loser. That said, I love your blog, I read every singly post and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t one of the best blogs out there, I wouldn’t bother because I can’t stand you. I personally think that getting to the final five is an amazing achievement and you should at least be a proud loser.

  • Maria

    Most definitely not a loser in my eyes Stevie. There were a few of the awards of which I was so certain I knew who would win – yours being one of them! You have done amazingly well and worked hard to get where you are today so well done!!!! xx

  • Martyn

    Are you a loser? Yes! In the blogging world….it pains me…but no. ;) it was great to see you and hang out and more importantly that we have finally got past the mean stage and can call each other friends. :) thanks for the mention!

  • Deb - crossing new bridges

    To have gotten to the finalist position is a win all on its own. Congratulations! It looks like you had a fun time. I am sure this is an experience you will be able to look back on and feel proud of yourself. #bigpinklink

  • The DADventurer (Dave)

    Dude, don’t be so hard on yourself. You did amazingly to get to the final and you don’t need an award to validate what a great job you’re doing or how far you’ve come in not a lot of time. As a fellow loser, I get what you mean, but celebrate what you’ve achieved, not focus on what you haven’t. :)

  • Tracey Williams

    Stevie you have done such incredible things in the short time you have been blogging. You are not a loser at all and should feel so incredibly proud that you achieved the top 5, which is just bloody amazing. Hugs xx

  • Jo from Organised Jo

    *said in a comedy style London accent* ‘Shut Up Loser’ (while doing the L shape with my finger and thumb on my right hand on my forehead). I love your posts Stevie, because they are full of what is in this post – honesty! I still can’t believe your blog is that young, cause I think you rock and I really want to pick your brains on EVERYTHING about blogging! Like you say, there are thousands of blogs out there, and YOU got shortlisted. Well done again on the nomination! Jo x

    P.s. God I hope I haven’t offended you with that first line!!

  • Mim

    You are so awesome to write this post – love your honesty because yes, it SUCKS that you didn’t get through. Not taking away from Emma at all, as I love her blog too. I just love that you’ve gotten this all out honestly instead of the whole “but just being nominated was enough….!”. You’re a winner to all of us lovely x x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thank you sweetheart, I am so glad people ‘got’ this post and didn’t just think I was throwing my toys out of the pram and ACTUALLY crying in to cornflakes ;) These words from you mean a lot mwah xxx

  • justsayingmum

    Oh I really felt for the shortlisted finalists as there seemed to be so much pressure on them at BML -and must have been so so hard to relax all day. But just cast your mind back to just how busy it was at the conference and how many 100s of bloggers were there and only a handful were up for awards – to me you are in that elite group of bloggers and that is something no one can ever take away from you so it’s a huge well done from me for sure! #PickNMix

  • Rachel Bustin

    There is no way you are a loser. Your blog is amazing. I have loved watching your blog grow. I am sure next year you will win an award! xx


  • ComplyorCry

    Good for you for saying you wanted to win! There’s no shame in that! Go you for being nominated and down to 1:5! That is ‘ruddy’ good going! (didn’t want to swear out of repsect for your blog…if you don’t like swearing, you might not like mine! :O #pickNmix

  • Elena Cid

    Not a loser at all! Just to be a finalist is a huge achievement, remember that. I can in a way understand what you mean, as once you are shortlisted you want to win, that is normal human behaviour.

  • the frenchie mummy

    Not a loser whatsoever! It’s amazing to have been so far! And you also had a lovely day, drinking is always good
    For the award, don’t worry. You will get the next one x

  • Lucy (@Lucy_at_home)

    Losing when you’ve come so far is really hard. Since having kids, I seem to cry at everything (which makes me really angry at myself because I don’t WANT to cry!) so you have my admiration for keeping it together. It is a massive achievement to even be in the running, so yes – BE PROUD! #picknmix

  • Mother of Teenagers

    You achieved so much just to get nominated and that in itself should be commended. You have stood out from the crowd and been recognised for all your efforts. Be loud and proud and be sure you’ll get it next year. #PicknMix

  • Cat

    Better a loser than a nobody (unless you’re a GOT fan lol). You got all the build up and excitement, you got to get dressed up – put on make up and style your hair without a small person climbing all over you. You got to go to an award ceremony! I’m not saying I’m aiming to be a loser or anything – I’d love to win an award… But coming in second doesn’t sound too shabby. ;) xxx

  • Geraldine

    I love your honesty! Nope you’re not a loser at all hun. What an awesome achievement getting to the final five. How many of us are jealous and wish we were in your position as a loser :) #picknmix

  • Emma Shilton

    Love this post Stevie, you are most certainly not a loser! You’re pretty ace, well done for getting to the finals and who needs a glass brick anyway ;) xx

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Love this go team Loser ;) I have been blogging for very almost 18 months now…. I have no idea where that time has gone, but I will never regret starting blogging and I wish I had started it years ago!

    I kind of had to write this post, I didn’t want to just gloss over it and I also didn’t want anyone to think I actually was sat at home crying ha. We both did so well to get in the finals lovely, lets embrace that!

    I have to confess that although I recognise the name of your blog, I don’t think I have visited before (feels really rude…) but I will most definitely rectify that ;)

    Stevie x #Loser ;)

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thank you :) I am very proud of it, or I was as soon as I got over that initial oh crud I didn’t win moment. I was lucky to squeeze in the Fresh Voice category as my blog is almost 18 months now so it was just in there, where on earth does that time go? I swear blogging speeds it up

    Stevie xx

  • wendy

    You did amazing to get to the top five hun, I love your blog. You should feel proud of everything you’ve achieved and as you said, it’s one less thing to dust!xx #picknmix

  • Becster

    Aww sucks that you didn’t win but hey still a finalist and never ever would I consider you to be a loser!! There’s always next year right?

    (Oh and the swearing thing — we’d be great company! I also swear like a sailor, or so I’ve been told). x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thanks lovely it was great to meet you too :) I wish I’d had longer to just chat to everyone, it was a bit of a rush around to fit everything in and to find everyone I wanted to – I didn’t completely succeed in that one.

    Stevie xx

  • becca farrelly

    Aww how amazing that you were in the finals! I would love to attend next year as I hear so many good things about it! You should so proud of your blog, to even get to the finals is something I can only think about! :)


  • Silly Mummy

    Aww. As you say, you did really well to get that far, though & that counts for a lot. There can only be one winner, can’t there, so you’re always going to be in good & extensive company as a ‘loser’! There’s always next year! #picknmix

  • Jo Sandelson

    From one loser to another – you done real good! I was a Finalist in 2014 and recognise so much of what you said. Didn’t have a sponsor but thought I’d let my son down a little as he was really backing me. Still with a bit of distance, I can say I am an Award Nominated blogger which is quite grand in itself. Well done again for making it to the last 5, it’s really amazing. Jo

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