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Lush Plymouth Christmas Party 2016


I was recently invited to the Lush Plymouth Christmas Party. It was a chance to see the Lush 2016 Halloween and Christmas ranges.


Lush Christmas


I drove there with Hayleigh from Budget Food Mummy, which was an interesting experience. Not knowing the roads very well, I just about managed to drive us there in one piece. On the way we did accidentally drive through a bus stop and taxi rank….but we got there and home in one piece, eventually.


This was my first Lush event and actually the first time that I had ever been inside a Lush shop! Shocking I know, as I know what a huge fan base they have. Before receiving my goody bag upon leaving, I had never owned a Lush item either.


The event was inside the Lush shop at Drake’s Circus in Plymouth and there were quite a lot of bloggers there with us. We were greeted by the very friendly Lush staff and invited to enjoy some festive themed food and drink. The food was made by V is for Veggies.


Lush Christmas party food


During the evening we were shown lots of new Lush beauty products and a few staple ones that have been around for a while apparently. Each item was passed around for us to examine and we were told what was special about each one.


We also got to watch some of the bath bombs in action in a bowl of water, and in jugs of water. Some of the Halloween bits were really rather cute, like the Boo Bath Melt. Boo is a ghost, who looks a bit like a mini meringue,


Lush Halloween 2016


Some of the Christmas ones were gorgeous colours and smelt even better. The little penguin was one of my favourites appearance wise.


Lush Christmas 2016 products


For me, Lush was a whole new experience, but I could see early on why so many love it. Some of the smells were just incredible and the designs really imaginative.


During the evening, we played some games which were fun mostly. Most of the other bloggers still appeared to be in their teens, so I did feel my age a little during parts of the evening. In particular when part of the games involved rubbing glittery fairy dust over people. I don’t mind a bit of glitter on a Christmas card, but it has definitely been a lot of years since I thought it looked good on me. Possibly back when I also thought that multi-coloured rainbow hair was a good look.


The glitter made me feel a little bit like I was at a teenage slumber party, minus the sneaked in bottles of Hooch and White Lightning. I suspect, that some of you will now make me feel even older by asking what on earth Hooch and White Lightning were…


Aside from the glitter, which I am still trying to get out of my car, the games were fun. Inside one of the Lush Christmas gift boxes, there are games to play. This included antlers to use in a hoopla style game. This was very funny, although the poor Lush member of staff, did get hit in the face rather a lot!


Lush Christmas Party Games


One thing that I noticed on the evening, was that Lush do amazing packaging for their Christmas gifts. You wouldn’t need to wrap them at all really, and I fell in love with a few of them just from the outside. Without even knowing what was inside, I really wanted a lot of them. I’d call that a good marketing ploy.


Lush Christmas Gifts 2016


When we were leaving, we were allowed to choose some Lush products to add to our goody bags. If you would like a nose at what was in mine and watch me randomly sniffing things… watch my Youtube video below. You could also make my day and subscribe!



It really was a lovely fun night, thank you Lush Plymouth! If you want to see the new Lush range yourself, pop to the Lush website.


Stevie x


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