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Like most people, I don’t like to think about dying and until recently I hadn’t made any plans for this eventuality. In fact I had been putting off making a will for years, but I was still really pleased when I was asked to review a new online will service at, because finally I had run out of excuses not to make one. The usual excuses of no time to make an appointment with a solicitor, not having much idea of what it entailed, and not thinking I could afford one no longer counted.

I was lucky enough to be given a free will by them in return for this review, but even if I hadn’t been, the will that I selected would have only cost me £39 (there are different price scales but they are all very reasonable) which I could have even paid for through PayPal. £39 is nowhere near what in my experience (through a divorce) a solicitor charges for an hours work.

Not only is Make Me A Will an affordable option, it is also a convenient one, as with you can do your own will online without having to leave the house! Writing my will only took me 20 minutes, and I suspect it would have been less if I hadn’t been trying to watch Eastenders at the same time!

Last Will and Testament -

If you are worried that you will make a mistake online, and will end up paying for a worthless document, then don’t worry they do offer a will checking service, which is just as well as I managed to accidentally give my boyfriend my surname instead of his own in one section!

When writing your will, you can specify guardianship of children, preferred funeral arrangements, obviously who gets what and who will execute this, and even whether you would like to donate your organs – I won’t tell you the details of my will, as even bloggers need some privacy, but I will tell you that I definitely said yes to this one!

I received an email to tell me that my will was ready for download, I downloaded it, and now I just have to get a couple friends to witness me signing it. It was so easy, and I am really glad I got around to doing it thanks to Make Me A Will! Amy Peters from Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd (who run the service) said it perfectly when she said..

Many people consider wills as something they ought to do but never quite get around to, but creating a will can save an awful lot of heartache for those that are left behind.

Whilst writing my will, I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t written it before, as if I had died without a will, my family wouldn’t have known my funeral preferences ( it’s not really a subject that comes up often), and they would have had the stress of trying to work out what I would have wanted, added to the additional stress of trying to sort out my finances, all whilst grieving. makes it so easy and quick to make a will that really, what excuse do you have not to?


  • acornishmum

    My pleasure! I think it’s a fantastic service they’re providing, as I expect I would have carried on putting mine off for a long time otherwise!

    Stevie :)

  • Lisa@intotheglade

    It is one of those things that people always put off. I used to work in a bank and seeing grieving relatives was part of my role, I can’t begin to tell you the distress not having a will can cause your loved ones when you have gone. As a consequence, I have had one that I just update from time to time, since I was 19. Good work Stevie

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Lisa, I can’t actually believe I left it for so long, but feel a relief at having done it, as was something that was niggling at me in the background!

    Stevie x

  • Maria

    Good on you Stevie. We only did ours last year too and like you. it was just one of those things on the to-do list.

    We’d always meant to have one written when we bought our house (nearly 10 years ago!)

    It’s such an important thing to have and does definitely help your family assist with your wishes re: possessions and funeral arrangements etc.

    We went through this when my hubby’s brother suddenly passed away. Luckily, we found his will when we were sorting through things in his flat so it really helped.


  • acornishmum

    Thanks Maria, I’m so glad there’s an easy way to do it now, as I think a lot of people do put it off as they just don’t know where to start, and worry how much it will cost! Condolences to your poo hubby, that couldn’t have been an easy time!

    Being asked to review the service was definitely a reality check, and I do feel relieved it’s all sorted and there will be a few less things for my family to worry about if the worst was to happen! Blogging really is amazingly random though isn’t it? You never know quite what you’ll be getting up to through it, which luckily I love!

    Stevie xx

  • Becster

    I really need to get a will sorted. Part of the reason I haven’t is like you said, needing to see a solicitor (not something I like doing as I tend not to get on with them!). But this option sounds fantastic. Will definitely check it out.

  • Donna

    I haven’t yet written a will. It’s on that ever growing list of things to do! This sounds like a great service though x

  • acornishmum

    That sounds like my to do list, I always seem to add way more to it than I cross off! I’ve been manically ironing today as need to pack our stuff for our holiday tomorrow, definitely not the fun part of a holiday! Stevie xx

  • Ceri

    I really need to do this. With the baby on the way it’s the first time i’ve really thought about it.

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