making memories and perfect moments
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Making Memories and Perfect Moments


Parenting is full of moments, disgusting ones, hilarious ones, wanting to pull your hair out ones and sometimes actual perfect ones.


making memories and perfect moments


Now that the boys are 11 and 13 we have less of the disgusting ones, thankfully nappies and toilet training and all that ‘fun’ is a very distant memory.


The hilarious moments are a big part of our lives, the older the boys get the better their sense of humour seems to get. They make me laugh all the time and I love that we laugh so much as a family.


I suspect we still have several moments of wanting to pull our own hair out in the future, especially considering we have one teenager and one not far away. I’m really really hoping that they are nothing like me as teenagers. I’ve written recently about the milestones in their lives that I’m still looking forward to.


flower - perfect moments


I’m looking forward to still making memories with them and having those rare perfect moments. The perfect moments in my life often appear when I least expect them. Like recently when Si decided to teach the boys to sea fish and I went along to watch.


Making memories


Sitting on top of the rocks watching my three favourite people whilst surrounded by beautiful views was definitely a perfect moment for me. I expected to be bored after a while and cold, but the weather behaved and I loved every second.


beautiful Cornwall making memories


Fishing in Cornwall


Si and the boys have a lovely bond, although they would all deny that if I said it as it would seem too ‘mushy’ to them. Si and I became a couple when the boys were 4 and 6, so he has been a huge part of their lives over the last 7 years. Sitting there watching them all fish and laugh together, I was hit by just how lucky I am.


Making memories - fishing


Here’s to more memory making and perfect moments, they’re always worth waiting for.


Stevie x


  • Plutonium Sox

    I know you won’t like me saying this because it will go to his head, but Si does sound pretty awesome, I forget he’s not the boys’ dad when you talk about him, it sounds like they have a brilliant bond. Lovely post, here’s to more of the perfect moments and less of the disgusting ones!

  • Tracey Williams

    I definitely think as the kids are older you just get different memories don’t you. Some days I would just settle for a nice smile and full sentences as a nice memory lol. Sounds like your boys all have an amazing bond and love your pictures. Always a bonus when teens and tweens make it out into the fresh air x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    So far luckily they both love being outside, I suspect another year or so and we’ll be at the hibernating in their bedrooms stage ;) I already have to drag them out of their beds every day.

    Stevie x

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