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Mary Jean – 100% Natural Skin Care

I had a very special delivery last week from the lovely Mary Jean, based at the opposite end of the country in Scotland. Without looking who the parcel was from, I could tell as soon as I opened the parcel a teeny bit that it was from Mary Jean, as some gorgeous smells drifted out.

Mary Jean is a family run business that strives to make their products as natural and organic as possible. Their skin creams and soaps are so natural that they come with a best before end date (this is a long ended one) and smell amazing because of this.

I was very lucky to be sent a jar of their Vitamin Rich Body cream, and some of their Mum & Baby lotion. They are both 100% natural, which comes across in their smell which is very fresh, and they both only require you to use a tiny amount at a time for wide coverage.

Mary jean Skin Care

The Vitamin Rich Body Cream has a very orangy colour to it, but don’t worry the colour disappears as you rub the thick cream into your skin. I have been using this for the last week on my legs in particular, as having been hidden away under jeans all Winter, my skin was really not at it’s best and very dehydrated looking.

The difference was instant from the first application, my legs feel smoother, the skin feels softer, and even after a weeks use I haven’t used much of my pot at all.

This cream costs £13.75, which is a little more expensive than my usual body lotions and moisturisers, but with the small amount I need to use it will last me longer, and the results are faster and longer lasting, so I will definitely be buying another little pot of loveliness when this one eventually runs out.

The Mum & Baby lotion also has a thick creamy consistency and although not it’s intended use, has replaced my face cream. At £5 it is a lot cheaper than the creams I have been using, and my skin is looking so fresh at the moment, that I have even been going out without any makeup at all on, which doesn’t happen very often.

Mary Jean also sent me two of their soaps, which are extremely natural, with no colour to them and although usually I don’t like soap as I feel it dries my hands out, these have the opposite effect. After washing my hands with them, my hands felt soft with no dryness.

Mary Jean Soap

I’ll admit Si isn’t keen on the smell of the soap himself, but that’s even better for me as I get to keep my ‘girly’ soap to myself with no dirty ‘boy’ hands making it black!

If you fancy trying some Mary Jean products yourself, or ordering one of their gorgeous looking gifts for someone (or yourself), then you can pop to the Mary Jean website and do just that.

Mary Jean Gifts

Stevie x


  • Lucy Magicmaker

    Love your “fresh and soft legs and skin report”. You sound just like an advert on the tele ! Mary Jean products from Scotland sound fantastic, and I am inspired to visit their website and buy some. You can never spend too much money on looking and feeling younger, plus it’s great to support local rural organic handmade businesses :) Good review Cornish Mum !

  • acornishmum

    Thank you Lucy Magicmaker! I’m always a fan of family run businesses, and these really were lovely products. Always nice to review something that involves pampering myself as well ;)

    Stevie x

  • Natalie Ray

    Ooh, I like the sound of this. I’m looking for palm oil free products at the moment, I think something natural like this might just be free from palm oil so I’ll be checking out their website.xx

  • acornishmum

    I did love the naturalness of it, as it worries me sometimes what I’m actually putting on my skin that’s being absorbed! Mary Jean is on Twitter as well and very friendly if you wanted to ask anything :)

    Stevie xx

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