Maths Bingo – Learning In A Fun Way

I wrote a post a little while ago for Twinkl about a Maths Bingo game I had made for the boys, and thought I’d tell you a little bit about it on here as well!

The main reason I created the Maths Bingo game, was to help the boys with their times tables, as there were numbers that each of them were struggling to remember. I have also made a version for division as well though, as this can often seem trickier to children than multiplication.

If you want full details of how to make the Maths Bingo game, pop over to my Maths Bingo post on the Twinkl website. Here’s a few preview photographs of the game I made which we use quite often.

Maths Bingo

I’ve found when it comes to my boys, that if I make learning fun, then they are much more willing to do it and take more of it in. They really enjoy playing Maths Bingo, and their times table knowledge has improved a lot since we started playing it as well.

I love it when I can help them learn something or improve in something, it makes up for the fact that I couldn’t teach them to ride a bike because I can’t ride one myself!

I’m sure I’m not alone in having a rubbish natural sense of balance, and luckily Si taught them both easily as he has way more patience than me anyway. It’s a good feeling when you can teach them something though, and even better if you can have fun whilst doing it.

To make the Maths Bingo game, I used a laminator and I have to say that it has been one of my best purchases so far. It wasn’t especially expensive (I think less than £20 from Asda if I remember correctly) but it has come in handy for so many things at home and for the boys with school!

Does anyone else have a laminator and do you get as sadly excited as I do when there’s something that needs laminating?!

Stevie x

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