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Review of the Matific Galaxy App – Grade 6


If you haven’t heard of the Matific Galaxy apps before, they are a series of fun maths apps all aimed at enhancing the maths skills of children of various ages. The Tween has been trying out the Grade 6 version of the app.


Matific Galaxy improved test results


Matific helped improve primary students test results by 34%


Grade 6 might seem confusing, as it refers to the American school system grades, but basically it is aimed at children aged 11 to 12. The other Galaxy Matific apps available cover the following grades/ages.


Kindergarten – Five to Six years old

1st Grade – Six to Seven years old

2nd Grade – Seven to Eight years old

3rd Grade – Eight to Nine years old

4th Grade – Nine to Ten years old

5th Grade – Ten to Eleven years old

6th Grade – Eleven to Twelve years old


Matific Galaxy planets


The basic story of the Matific Galaxy app, is that a mean alien has gone around stealing the pixels from other aliens on various planets. They need you to use your maths skills to win back their pixels and save them.


There are ten planets in total and in the free version of the app you can complete the sections on two of the planets, but you need to buy the app to reach the other planets. When I was asked to review, I was given a link to download just the free version of the app, but my Tween got on so well with playing on the app, that I paid to upgrade to the full version of the app which was £6.99.


Dusty planet Matific Galaxy


You can download the app from the Matific Galaxy website and from the app stores on which ever device you’re using. You can also try out the app on a desktop or tablet/phone etc on the Matific Galaxy site. Having two free planets to play on is a great way to get a taster to decide whether you want to buy the full app like we ended up doing.


The difficulty of the maths challenges does increase as you move along the planets and the maths skills that you use vary in each activity that you do. I tried a few of them after my youngest did – you can re-play activities as much as you like and the questions vary slightly each time. It made me realise just how rusty my own maths skills were and I think I’ll be using the app as well as the tween for a bit of brain exercise.



Matific Galaxy birds


Raspberries eaten


Matific Galaxy maths


I love how interactive and helpful the activities are, instead of just having questions t work out yourself, there are often things there to help you. Like in the image above, you can work out how many 3/5 litre cups can be filled from a 3 litre container by actually filling the biggest container up with water from the tap onscreen.


Then you can tap to pick up the big container and drag it over the small one to keep refilling it and count how many times you need re-fill it before the big container is empty. It’s a great visual aid and makes the answer more memorable.


On most of the activities, the sum that you could actually have done in your head or on paper pops up at the end, so you can see how to work things out in different ways.


Pixels earned Matific Galaxy


You earn different pixels for different activities and once you have enough pixels to make one of the characters whole again, the next planet opens up for you to move onto if you want.




You can also win virtual prizes in the form of accessories for your character by doing well on an activity or going back to re-do an activity.


Matific Galaxy prizes


There are achievements and medals to earn for certain skills and speed, I suspect the prizes and medals would keep children wanting to play to earn them all.


Matific Galaxy trophies


There are also daily games that unlock after you have used the app for the amount of days required for that game. These are problem solving games and quite tricky in a fun way.


Matific Galaxy campers


Matific Glaxy campers 2


These games also have various levels to complete, there really is a lot to do on the Matific Galaxy app.


Our verdict on the Matific Galaxy Grade 6 app


I actually enjoyed playing the games and helping the Tween out when he got stuck as much as he did. For someone who flat-out usually refuses to do anything vaguely like school work during the school holidays, the Tween actually surprised me and is using the app quite a lot. He’s even enjoyed doing it.


I would definitely recommend the app for children of all ages (obviously the grade app relevant to them) to boost their maths confidence and to definitely boost their maths skills. The app is available to schools as well and I bet it goes down well in classrooms, much better so than just copying from the board.


Well worth the £6.99 that we paid.


Stevie x



I was compensated for time spent reviewing the app, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.
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  1. 24 August 2018 / 5:11 pm

    I really like the look of this. We have tried a couple of maths apps for my eldest but she hasn’t really got into them. If your tween got into it enough to pay for the full version it must be addictive – just what you want for maths! I’m going to look into the KS1 version.

    • 29 August 2018 / 2:39 pm

      It’s a lot of fun and I bet the younger version are even more fun too :)

      Stevie x