Philip Jones earrings - Thank you for being the World's greatest Mum
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What It Means To Be A Great Mum: Giveaway


It isn’t long until Mother’s Day now and it’s the time of year when gifts proclaiming people to be the World’s ‘Greatest’ or ‘Best’ Mum are given out, like these gorgeous earrings from Philip Jones Jewellery.


**All the beautiful jewellery featured below has been gifted to me by the lovely Philip Jones Jewellery for the purpose of this post**


Philip Jones earrings - Thank you for being the World's greatest Mum


I love how sparkly the earrings are and the card saying ‘Thank You for being the World’s greatest Mum’ is a nice extra touch when giving them as a gift too. I’ll admit that there have been times in the boys’ lives when I haven’t felt like the greatest Mum. Times when I’ve judged myself much more harshly than I would ever dream of judging someone else, but over the years I’ve come to realise that I AM a great Mum.


Sparkly Philip Jones earrings on pebbles


So what does it mean to be a great Mum? As far as I’m concerned it means loving your children no matter what and trying to do your best by them – simple as that. We all make mistakes and we all have some serious Mum guilt (or parent guilt obviously) at times, but if your aim is to raise happy children and you love them, then in my opinion you’re on the right track.


Mum necklace from Philip Jones Jewellery
Mum  Heart Necklace from Philip Jones Jewellery


I think we all have in our heads our own vision of what a ‘perfect’ Mum is and often we feel imperfect in comparison, but life is definitely not perfect neither are we, and how boring would it be if we all were?! Also often the imperfections that you see in yourself are the things that others love.


When the boys were younger I used to feel guilty when we had a carpet picnic of snacky food for tea because I just didn’t have the energy or will to cook tea… but they loved it. They saw it as me being fun and spontaneous rather than a bit tired and lazy.


Philip Jones Jewellery Mum bracelet
Mum Bracelet from Philip Jones jewellery


I’ve listened to friends in the past tell me how much they were struggling and what a bad Mum they felt at the time and I’ve also seen their children happy and looking at them with love. At the time I offered support and also told them the same thing “I wish that you could see yourself through their eyes”. Their children were happy and looked at them with so much love. Well… so much love and demand for snacks ha.


Philip Jones Jewellery sparkly bracelet
Silver Solitaire Friendship Bracelet Created with Swarovski® Crystals from Philip Jones Jewellery


How amazing would it be to see yourself through someone who loves you’s eyes? Instead of picking ourselves apart and judging ourselves by an unachieveable standard? Maybe don’t try to see yourself through your teenager’s eyes though….


Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday to all the imperfect but GREAT Mum’s out there.


How gorgeous is the jewellery from Philip Jones Jewellery in this post? If you would like to try to win a pair of the earrings as pictured at the top of the post, then please do enter via the Gleam widget below. You can find my usual competition terms and conditions here   A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


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Philip Jones Earrings

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