Sarah - Meet the Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Meet The Parents

Meet the Parents – Mud Cakes and Wine #2

This is the second interview in the Meet the Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes series here on my blog. To find out what it is all about pop to the initial Meet the Parents post. Today my interview is with a truly lovely blogger friend of mine who blogs over at Mud Cakes and Wine.


Sarah - Meet the Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes





Where do you live?

East Sussex


When was your child diagnosed and how old were they?

OB had just turned 4 when he was diagnosed. We went to our GP surgery, I explained his symptoms and had brought a urine sample, the Doctor told me OB had Type 1 Diabetes.

We then had to drive to our local hospital and be admitted into the children’s day ward to make it official. We then had to be moved to another hospital because where we were they only had a day unit. We stayed in for about 3 days.


What were their symptoms and how did their diagnosis come to happen?

The symptoms were slow to start, he was asking for more drinks and looked like he had lost a little weight. But the weather was hot and we put it down to him being a growing toddler. Then suddenly he was wetting the bed at night. The drinking was increasing along with going to the toilet.

One night he woke up and just screamed for water, I still hear the cry to this day it was haunting. He drank like he had not had water in days but he vomited it back up straight away. Mr. MC&W and I just looked at each other knowing he was really not well.

The next morning I called the GP surgery, who knows how many times I hit redial. When I described his symptoms they were amazing and got an appointment that morning.


Did you know anything about Type 1 Diabetes before diagnosis?

Not much no, I knew there were two types and had a vague idea but no more.


Is your child on an insulin pump or on mdi (multiple daily injections)?

MDI he has ASD and would not cope with the pump being constantly attached to him.


What has been the hardest part for you and your child/children?

The fact you never get a rest, it’s on your mind 24 hours a day. I really feel for OB when he goes low or high as you can see how dreadful he feels. As a parent, this is so hard to watch.


Between diagnosis and today, is there anything that has gotten easier for both of you?

Everything is easier, not quite so scary and confusing anymore. It is hard work but you get in the routine of doing everything and I can look at a plate of food and almost guess the carbs in it. Now that’s a skill I never knew I would develop.


Has your child’s school been helpful in terms of Type 1 Diabetes care?

Amazing just amazing, OB has a full EHCP, he has 1-2-1 care at mainstream school. They do all his type 1 care as he can not do any of it.

What’s great is his friends say nothing when he is chomping on a soreen bar as he does his maths in class. The children look out for him, if he does not look well they get a teacher.


If you could say one thing to a parent whose child has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, what would you say?

It does improve I can promise you that. You will have down times where you’re scratching your head and wondering what’s going on. Ask questions, I use support groups on Facebook and when first diagnosed the support is amazing you do not feel so alone.

Be prepared you will have times where you just do not get it, even after two years we are still surprised and confused, but we have more confidence to deal with it.

There will be times when you’re so scared, a sick bug will come along and knock you for six. But you will learn and grow, we have every time and will continue to. As a family, we always try to learn from a bad time so we can deal with it better the next time.


Is there anything that you would like my readers to know about Type 1 Diabetes?

Ha ha how long have you got? Seriously, that it is not his fault and yes he can eat what he wants we just have to give insulin. Oh and it’s for life, people always seem shocked when I tell them that, they think he will grow out of it.


Considering what pesky beggars they are for getting everywhere, where is the weirdest place you have found a blood testing strip?

Honestly, what is it about these things in my shoe and once found one in OBs sock when he said his foot felt funny!!! How is that possible? Along with standing on a green needle protector top they hurt like Lego.


I always tell my son that Type 1 is not who he is, it is just a part of our lives we have to deal with. Tell me a random fact about your child, that has nothing to do with Type 1 Diabetes?

He could dribble a football around our kitchen table at 18 months old. He is just the most amazing little boy who is full of sunshine and a typical boy he loves playing Roblox with his brother, watching YouTube and bouncing on the trampoline.


Thank you Sarah x The comment about his friends looking out for him made me smile. Fin has some amazing friends who have always looked out for him. I can still remember now when he went back to school at the age of 5 after his diagnosis. All these mini 5 years old were so worried about him and looked out for him. 

Stevie x


**If you are the parent of a type 1 child (or adult) and would like to take part, you can email me at**


  • Sarah - mud cakes and wine

    Thank you so much for sharing our story, it means so much to help increase the understanding of type 1. Massive hugs lovely lady xxx

  • Plutonium Sox

    How amazing that the children at school look out for him, that must be such a relief. So difficult for you though with such a little one, it must have been really worrying when he was diagnosed – and still a worry every day.

  • Sarah - mud cakes and wine

    Thank you, yes the children are simply amazing. It’s a worry as to start with he was non verbal and could not tell us when he was having a hypo which was very dangerous. We have come so far. Thanks for your kind words x

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