Type 1 Diabetes blood test kit
Meet The Parents

Meet the Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes


Meet the Parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes.


I belong to a few online Facebook groups for parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes. Some of the stories I read in there make me laugh, some make me smile, some make me want to cry and rant.


I feel sad when ever there is a new member to the groups, as it means another child has been given a diagnosis of Type 1 and another family is being hit with the realisation of just what that means. I feel happy though, that they have found the groups which even now help me and teach me new things.


I constantly see posts that make me smile, posts celebrating the achievements of a Type 1 child. I laugh at posts where parents have accidentally finger prick blood tested the wrong child in their sleep deprived state during the night…. sometimes it’s some poor child who has come over for a sleep over even.


Type 1 Diabetes blood test kit


I want to shout for the people whose children attend schools that just do not get how serious the condition is. Schools that refuse to test the children or administer insulin…. or even hypo treatment. It makes me so grateful for the schools that my own Type 1 son has attended.


These groups are where we Type 1 parents turn when we have broken or lost something whilst away on holiday and need a replacement. It is where we turn when our children are really poorly and the staff at the hospital or on the phone aren’t Type 1 experts and are trying to tell us to do something we just KNOW isn’t right, but we need someone to back-up our own thoughts to be sure.


As a Type 1 parent, these groups are an amazing support network. Somewhere where people actually understand what life is like with Type 1 Diabetes. People who understand just how amazingly brave our Type 1 children are, who mourn each other’s difficulties and celebrate each other’s successes.


When I started my blog, it was partly to hopefully make other Type 1 parents feel a little less alone in the new world that they live in. A world of insulin ratios, carb counting, ketones and more. Reading posts in the Facebook groups I also have realised just how individual a lot of our diagnosis stories and indeed our children are.


We are the same but unique just like our children. I’ve decided to start a new little section on my blog for the parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes. It will be a Meet the Parents section, where I interview parents of children with Type 1 and publish their responses. The first Meet the Parents interview is already live.


When my own little five-year old son (now 12) was diagnosed over 7 years ago, I was sat in a hospital bed with him as he slept hooked up to an IV and very ill. I searched online for information on Type 1 Diabetes, at the time that was a mistake. I found all the worst case scenarios, stories that made me cry when I was already at such a low point.


I do not think that I have ever felt so low, scared or alone in my life.


My hope is, that the next parent sat in that lonely scary hospital bed when they search, they will find the Type 1 Diabetes section of my blog. They will read our story, and they will read the interviews with lots of Type 1 parents which are to come, and they will feel even a little less alone and a little less scared.


If you are a Type 1 parent yourself and would like to take part, then email me at acornishmum@aol.com and we can go from there.


Stevie x


  • Plutonium Sox

    Such a lovely idea Stevie, and I’m sure it will be a great resource for many parents – both those who have recently ad a diagnosis and those who could just do with a bit of support.

  • Claire

    This is a wonderful idea. While we haven’t been touched by Diabetes in our family I am always eager to learn about conditions and help spread awareness. I will be coming back with interest to read your stories xx #picnmix

  • wendy

    Such a great idea stevie..I really hope parents who find themselves in this situation discover your blog and feel less alone. I think sharing people’s story is great as Google can be a scary place when someone is ill xx #picknmix

  • five little doves

    What a great idea. One of my best friends is the parent to a son with diabetes, he was diagnosed aged two and I have watched with nothing but admiration at the way she and Fin have dealt with the diagnosis. I think it’s so important to reach out to others in the same situation and make them feel less alone, it’s amazing what you do and I will pass on your details to my friend if she wishes to get in touch. #picknmix

  • OddHogg

    Such a great idea. Thankfully I’m the type 1, as opposed to the parent of one. I’m also extremely thankful that I was diagnosed as an adult so all my care is my own rather than putting my mum through years of night tests and worries. I do know one thing though – T1 kids are tough, as are their parents! #picknmix

  • Sharon Parry

    What a wonderful thing to do! This is exactly what I would want to read if my child had received the diagnosis. It’s good to know that social media is providing a support network – it is criticised a lot isn’t it but this is one shining example of where it is providing a fantastic service. Good for you! xx #PicknMix

  • Katy - Hot

    What a lovely idea. My grandma has Type 1 diabetes and I can’t imagine having to go through all of it with a child. I can imagine you do feel so alone, and seeing your child go through it must be awful. It’s always such a relief to be able to chat to other people in the same boat and know you’re not alone – I really hope people find this a useful way to deal with things. #PicknMix

  • Sarah

    This is a lovely idea Stevie. I think it’s great to have a support network for people who may be worried about things it’s just nice to know that other people are going through something similar and everyone can exchange advice. Sarah #PickNMix

  • Kirsten Toyne

    Oh my goodness. I am so shocked that there are schools that don’t care properly for children with such a serious condition. That is crazy. It is not as if school is optional. I am shocked but also like the idea of the interviews. #picknmix

  • Kirsty - Motherhoodery

    Such a great idea to offer parents more support when they need it most. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be when you first receive the diagnosis. You’re right about Googling anything, you always find the worse case scenarios. If your new series gives parents a positive place to be, that’s a wonderful thing. x #PicknMix

  • Harriet Leonard

    This is a wonderful idea Stevie, I’m sure it will bring so much help & comfort to many mums out there. I never knew much about type 1 diabetes until I worked with & became friends with a lady with the condition. Her teenage son was diagnosed at quite a young age and I’ve always been in awe of them both. How the manage it and having to deal with the daily injections is so admirable. #picknmix

  • Andrea

    Brilliant idea Stevie. Will be watching the Meet the parents section with interest. I remember when my son was first diagnosed you just needed to know other people were living your new reality and it helped enormously. For a while I could only find resources online that were in the US until I found the wonderful facebook groups that exist for parents here in the UK.

  • Jade - Raw Childhood

    This is such a great idea and it’s lovely that you are making a section for your blog. I know it’s not the same but when we finally got my sons food allergies diagnosed it was very daunting and I too googled desperately trying to find help on dairy free and egg free foods. I came across a Facebook group dedicated to CMPA for breastfeeding mothers and instantly felt relief that there were a lot of other people in the same boat. It really does ease your mind and help you sleep at night! #picknmix

  • Mummy and Monkeys

    I love this idea and you have done so much already to help others and raise awareness. I can’t imagine how worried you must have been :( I hope others find your blog when searching too x

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