Meet the Parents with Extraordinary Chaos
Meet The Parents

Meet the Type 1 Parents with Extraordinary Chaos


Today I have a new interview for the Meet the Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes series here on my blog. To find out what it is all about pop to the initial Meet the Parents post.


Today my interview is with the lovely Sarah who blogs over at Extraordinary Chaos.


Meet the Parents with Extraordinary Chaos



Sarah Christie


Where do you live?

I live in a tiny village outside Burnley in Lancashire


When was your child diagnosed and how old were they?

Jack was first diagnosed with type 1 6 years ago, he was 10.


What were their symptoms and how did their diagnosis come to happen?

He had all the classic signs, needing the loo frequently, constantly thirsty, grumpy and then in the space of a week the weight dropped off him, this is when we knew something was seriously wrong and took him to the doctors.


Did you know anything about Type 1 Diabetes before diagnosis?

Yes as I have 2 cousins with type 1, both have suffered some of the worse effects of the illness.


Is your child on an insulin pump or on mdi (multiple daily injections)?

MDI, I sometimes think a pump would be better but Jack is not ready for that.


What has been the hardest part for you and your child?

Dealing with growing and sport. Every time Jack grows which at the moment is constant we have to adjust everything. Coupled with the fact that he is very sporty it takes some managing.


Between diagnosis and today, is there anything that has gotten easier for both of you?

I think it just becomes part of your life a routine, we have just got on with it. And we have tried to instill in Jack that yes it’s not ideal but with some thought and organisation he can deal with this.


Has your child’s school been helpful in terms of Type 1 Diabetes care?

Both of Jacks schools primary and high school have been wonderful and are instrumental in him dealing with it.


If you could say one thing to a parent whose child has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, what would you say?

It gets easier, life does go on and you child can live a normal life. Yes it’s not what we want for our children but positivity is the key to success, or it has been for us.


Is there anything that you would like my readers to know about Type 1 Diabetes?

Kids that live with condition are just so incredibly brave. It’s not easy for them, and generally they rock it.


Considering what pesky beggars they are for getting everywhere, where is the weirdest place you have found a blood testing strip?

Ha ha I have never had a stray testing strip situation.


I always tell my son that Type 1 is not who he is, it is just a part of our lives we have to deal with. Tell me a random fact about your child, that has nothing to do with Type 1 Diabetes?

Jack is mad on football, and I mean mad. He is a season ticket holder at Burnley and never misses a home match. And plays and trains twice a week.


Thank you so much for taking part in this series Sarah! If anyone else would like to take part in this series, then please do email me at thank you.


Stevie x


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