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Memories with The Day That…

Recently a fabulous company called ‘The Day That’ contacted me and asked whether I would like to review a framed photograph for them. I took one look at the The Day That website and knew straight away that I had to say yes.

The Day That

The Day That have been taking a photograph of the sky in Cornwall (and sometimes the rest of the Southwest) every single day since 2005 at sunrise. You can buy from them a framed photo, an unframed photo or a digital download of the photograph of your choice taken on the day of your choice.

Whether that’s a wedding day, the day you met the one you love, the day your baby was born, or any other special day that you would love to remember, or give as a gift for someone else to treasure.

Luckily for me, since The Day That didn’t start taking their daily photographs until 2005, and Fin was born in 2004 whereas Harley was born in 2006, I didn’t have to choose between which boy’s photograph to choose.

I chose to have a photograph of the day that Harley was born, and when it arrived extremely well packaged this is what I was lucky enough to receive.

The Day That

Our photograph is personalised with the words ‘Harley’s First Day 19th February 2006’ and I absolutely love it. Since he was born on a grey February day, our photo isn’t a bright colourful sunrise, but I actually prefer it. It’s a dramatic looking but somehow also peaceful looking photograph.

The Day That

It suits Harley’s personality, he is the most laid back person I know does everything in slow motion, and yet when you get him on a running track or the football pitch he finds this amazing energy from somewhere and flies around.

The quality of the print, mounting and frame are exceptional. I can’t wait until we’ve finished decorating and I can get it up on the wall, for now though it’s up on the sideboard as I couldn’t bring myself to leave it in the box.

I absolutely love it, and the whole concept of it. The days that my children were born were the two very best days of my life and having this photograph as a visual reminder of one of those days is perfect.

I’m not the only one to think so, they have a very impressive quote on their site from the one and only Elton John for a start! You can go on to the The Day That website, select the date you have in mind from their calendar, and preview the photographs from that day. This is a great option, as it will help you decide whether to buy, but from all the pictures I have seen on there, I think you’ll find it hard to resist.

Stevie x

*I was sent my own framed photograph from The Day That for the purpose of this review, but all my thoughts are as always my own and honest*


  • Donna

    I absolutely love these photos – they look beautiful in any home and I one day hope to have our wedding day one on the wall! Such a lovely idea x

  • acornishmum

    It really is, I know they say money can’t buy memories but looking at the photo takes me right back to remembering the newborn days and keeps making me smile every time I look at it,

    Stevie x

  • Robyn

    What a lovely idea! Isn’t it funny how you can so clearly remember the weather on the day your Harley was born and now have a photo showing that exact atmosphere that you recall. The day my boy was born was a glorious day – I knew the endorphins were kicking in when I started to get euphoric over how lovely the weather was!

  • acornishmum

    Ha I didn’t have a clue on the weather until the photo arrived ;) the photo was taken in Cornwall where I live, that’s how I know the weather was the same for where I was :) My eldest’s birth was in July 2004 and I know there was a heat wave as I can remember being so ridiculously hot that they had to send me home from work for safety when the air conditioning broke! ;)

    Stevie x

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