North Face Jacket - Millets and Blacks
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Bring On The Cold with Millets and The North Face

*Collaborative Post with Millets*


At this time of year, it can be tempting as it gets colder to go into hibernation mode. This is definitely my mode in the evenings, but in the day times living in Cornwall, it would be such a waste. Millets recently sent me a new jacket, so bring on the cold I am ready for it!


North Face Jacket - Millets and Blacks


There won’t be much hibernation from me this autumn and winter. I say not ‘much’, as everyone needs a snuggly pyjama day at home sometimes. Millets are working alongside brands such as The North Face and Berghaus on their Bring on the Cold campaign, getting people ready for the colder weather and helping them to still get outside regardless.


When offered my jacket, I chose from The North Face women’s jackets and opted for The North Face¬†Women’s Evolution II Triclimate 3 in 1 Jacket.


North Face Fleece


I love that my new jacket comes with a fleece included. It means that the jacket will be suitable to wear all year long as when it’s warmer I can just remove the fleece part and it becomes a lightweight jacket. If it’s really cold, then that fleece is going to become my new best friend. In truth it has come close to that already.


Due to decorating we were without heating quite a lot recently, so I have pretty much lived in my The North Face fleece. I really like that the fleece zips on to the jacket for when you do want to wear them together and it attaches at the wrists and back of the neck. This makes them so easy to wear comfortably together with no riding up.


North Face jacket


Millets asked me the question: Where do you wear yours? I think my photos might have given you a clue to my answer. I wear my new jacket to all sorts of places, but especially to the beach. It is one of my favourite places to walk and to spend time. I actually love the beach even more in the colder months.


Where do you wear yours? At the beach!


Sometimes I can even get a whole beach to myself during the week if it’s cold enough. Pretty cool hey? It really is worth braving the cold to enjoy being outside. The Cornish coastline can be so much more dramatic looking on the colder rougher days and there really is nothing quite like a cold sea air blowing through your hair to make you feel alive.


The cold weather is also a great excuse to indulge in hot chocolates, snuggly blankets at night, and walks to nose at people’s Christmas lights – bring on the cold!


Stevie x


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