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This is your chance to win a copy of the Minuscule Valley of The Lost Ants DVD via the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


Minuscule valley of the lost ants dvd


The DVD was actually released for sale only yesterday and the digital download has been available since Monday 19th September. So a very new release. Here is what the blurb on the back of the DVD has to say;


In a peaceful little valley, the remains of an abandoned picnic spark warfare between two tribes of ants. At stake – a box of sugar. Suddenly, a bold young ladybug finds herself caught in the middle of the battle, and befriends one of the black ants, Mandible. Together they must protect the anthill from the red ant warriors in this tale of teamwork, friendship and fun!


It is actually based on the popular CBBC television show of the same name, so if your children are fans of that, then I am sure they’ll love this.


Minuscule Valley of The Lost Ants is a little bit different from traditional animations. The majority of the scenery in it is actually filmed in real life, and there are some especially stunning backdrops. The characters are obviously CGI animated, as it is pretty hard to get insects to act for you I would imagine.


The characters are mostly really cute and sweet to look at, including the spider. In real life I’m more likely to scream when seeing a spider, but watching the DVD it was more of an aw.


Another thing that is different about this animation is that the characters don’t talk. They are kept pretty real to life, in that they behave mostly how insects would be expected to behave, and they just make noises rather than speaking.


There are small funny bits throughout it, but to be honest I do think it is best for a young audience as it was a little boring in places for myself and the boys. Although they did enjoy some parts and it did get very dramatic towards the end.


Overall it was a nice little watch for a rainy afternoon. If you would like to win your own copy, then you can enter to do so via the rafflecopter below. It could make a great stocking filler if you are being organised for Christmas.


You can see my standard competition terms and conditions here – A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


Good Luck!


Stevie x

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