Monthly Bucket List for April 2017


Every month I join in with the very lovely Beth for her Monthly Bucket List linky over at Twinderelmo. Usually in the vain hope that it will make me more organised. Here is how I got on in March 2017 and my goals for April 2017.


Monthly Bucket list


How I got on with my March 2017 goals.


Lose more weight


Absolute failure. I haven’t lost any weight, but considering some of my food choices I am happy not to have put a LOT of weight back on. I really need to get my head back in the weight loss game. It would probably help if we didn’t go away as often… calories on holiday don’t count though do they?


Get back into one of my pairs of jeans that I can’t currently fit in


Weirdly despite not losing any more weight, I am fitting in to one more pair of jeans. That makes a grand total of two pairs now whoop.


Spring clean the whole house and have a big clear out.


In my defence for this one, I have had weeks of ill children and have been very busy work wise. I have started on this though and cleared out so much stuff from the boys’ rooms. However our home is still a very big mess. April goal for definite.


Finally clean my car


Done. Admittedly only today and possibly so that I had something to tick off of this list that wasn’t a failure.


Finish off the boys’ bedrooms


Done! Well mostly, there are still some bits to buy and bits to finish off in Harley’s room. However, they both finally have their own rooms and gorgeous ones they are too. They also both finally have proper beds again and I can’t wait to show off Si’s handiwork in a post coming soon.


Enjoy both of our breaks


I got a bit confused with this and forgot that this post would go live before our second stay ha! We did however have an amazing time in Dorset and are hoping for a brilliant time in Devon too.


Corfe Castle


My goals for April 2017.


Lose weight and get fitter – The losing weight part is about being healthier rather than just looking better in my clothes and I really want to up my fitness too. I would sell my soul for a free personal trainer right now ha!


Mega spring clean – Our house needs a really good de-cluttering session and proper spring clean. After all the DIY around the house, things aren’t looking their best and we have mess everywhere. I’m determined it’ll look beautiful again very soon.


Have a fab time in Devon – Despite two of the four of us being a bit ill at the moment, I am really looking forward to a break and some quality family time. Even if we end up just watching DVDs in our caravan as everyone is too ill to do anything else ha!


Get my tax return mostly ready – Yes I know I have until January to submit it, but I like to get important things done quickly. Plus it’s nice to work out how much I’ve earned over the year. Thankfully this year I’ve actually kept better track of it all, so there won’t be so much digging through boxes for receipts.


Have a good birthday – I turn 34 on the 15th April. I have zero issues with getting older – especially considering the alternative – and this year for a nice change everyone will be home with me, so we can do something as a family. No idea what yet, but anything with my favourite people will be good.


Buy a sofa for Harley’s room – As his brother was made a fancy new bed with storage and more, we have promised Harley a small sofa for his bedroom for when his friends come over and for him to play the PS4 from. Having just bought his new bed and paid a lot for wood for Fin’s room. Not to mention needing to buy them both a new mattress soon, this could work out to be a very expensive month!


We have a lot planned for April already, so I am going to leave my list as it is now. This is plenty for me to be getting on with really.


I hope you have all had a good March?


Stevie x

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  1. 2 April 2017 / 7:02 am

    Well done getting the boys’ rooms sorted, they sound fantastic. My house could do with a major spring clean and clear out too but we have so much on this month there’s not a hope in hell. Have a great birthday and holiday and good luck with all your April goals x

  2. 3 April 2017 / 12:46 am

    the weight loss and get into jeans thing I too have on my list. Until then it’s leggings and more leggings… pffff

  3. 3 April 2017 / 9:44 pm

    I hope you are having a lovely time in Devon despite the illness. I’m dreading the tax return, I’ve never done one before!! Please tell me it’s easy x

  4. 4 April 2017 / 3:23 pm

    What is it with houses always getting cluttered up! How dare they?! Have a great time in Devon and a very lovely birthday too. #Monthlybucketlist