Monthly Bucket List - March 2016
Monthly Bucket List

Monthly Bucket List – March 2016

At the end of month I write my bucket list for the coming month, in an effort to try to keep myself focussed and organised. Sometimes it even works ;) 

Here is my list for March 2016 and how I got on with the goals for this month.


Monthly Bucket List

Increase my stats and follower numbers

At the end of last month there had been 89558 site views on my blog, there have now been 108,714 views to my blog since I started it in January 2015. My aim this month was to get to 100,000 site views and I definitely managed that, thanks to a post that was very important to me. This was my open letter to the BBC, which went a bit mental and was even mentioned by the Daily Mail online eek!

My Twitter was at 10716 followers and now I have 11651.

My Facebook page was at 1311 likes, and now has 1486

Instagram was 5313 now 6157

Pinterest was 4079 and now is at 4080 – I may have completely neglected this one this month ;)

Youtube – I had 131 subscribers, and I now have 226 subscribers.

Tots 100 – Last month I was number 101 out of over 8000 blogs, this month I was number 97 back in the top 100 again! That’s 9 months in the top 200 now :)



Lose another 6 lbs minimum 

Epic fail, I have lost 1 lb this month… well actually I have lost a lot more, but I also put a lot on to lose. I’m now wearing a fitness tracker that I started wearing over the weekend, and I am hoping this will get me exercising more to try to reach my targets each day. However failure or not I am just pleased to have gotten rid of what I put on!

Give Harley an amazing 10th birthday

Definitely aced this one. He had a great birthday, was spoiled rotten and loved his birthday party. He and lots of his friends plus Fin went to a local soft play centre to play and also do laser tag, which they all loved. Apparently I was the best Mum ever that day.

Get outside more

Failed at this one. Not entirely my fault though, as Fin was really ill for part of the month and I was stuck indoors. Plus the weather misbehaved when we did attempt to get out and I have had a lot of work on. Looking forward to spring when we will be out whatever the weather so long as it’s warm.

Catch up with some of my favourite blogs

Semi managed this one, I visited and commented on a lot of my favourites’ blog posts, but still have several I keep meaning to visit. I could really do with more hours in the day.

Get to see Mazzie more

Unbelievably I have still not seen my best friend, she tends to be just as busy as I am, but I am determined to get over to hers asap. No one makes me cry with laughter quite so easily and I’m overdue a bit of that.

Do more YouTube videos

The boys did a toy opening one on my YouTube channel as they’d been nagging me to do one for ages and I think they did a brilliant job, plus Si made a video showing Charlestown in the stormy weather we had down here. He also taught me how to edit, so this one was a big success. I am planning some more videos when I get the time!

So some successes and some epic fails, but overall I am happy with how my month went.

My goals for March:

Increase my followers and stats as always – I need to remember to work on my Pinterest this month. There is no way at all that my site view numbers will increase this month, as they’ve been crazy this month, but I’ll still try ;)

Lose a lot more than 1 lb

Get my accounts up to date – I keep a record of everything on my blog financially, but I need to write it all in to my accounts book properly before I lose track. The tax man is not someone to mess with!

Get outside a lot more – I am hoping the spring weather will arrive this month, but if not I plan to get outside as a family more anyway.

Manage to make Fin a costume that isn’t too young, embarrassing, badly made or likely to ruin his life for school this week – Tweens aren’t demanding at all….and this will be really easy honestly ;)

What are your goals for this month?

Stevie x



  • Deborah Nicholas

    Oh fab increase in stats hun! Thank you too for the link last month as i really enjoy doing this and wouldnt have found it without you! Good luck with March! I really need to start weight loss and would love to do youtube videos but just too scared! haha

  • Emma

    Great bucket list Stevie. I like the idea of having a monthly one. I am really hoping the weather picks up a bit here too (Somerset) so we can get out and about.

  • Tracey Williams

    I really like the idea of having a monthly list so you can look back at what you achieved that month. Your stats are all amazing, and you work so hard on your blog. Good luck with making a custom for the tween. Ha yes not at all demanding are they. Wait till he gets a teenager x

  • The Pramshed

    Good luck on your list for this month, your blog is doing so well! When I’m feeling brave enough I’ll explore some other social media channels too. Enjoy being outside more with the longer days. Looking forward to hearing how you get on at the end of the month. Claire x #MonthlyBucketList

  • Jenny - Monkey and Mouse

    Good luck with the costume making! I would’y really worry about the pounds lovely, you looked AMAZING in that dress earlier on IG! Great stats as always and well done for being in the top 100 again! :) x

  • Natalie Ray

    It sounds like you’ve done brilliantly with your bucket list against all the odds! I particularly love your stats and the fact that your amazing blog post that was so important did brilliantly. You are so good at getting all your stats up each month and I love that you take accountability for what you want to achieve by making it public.x

  • Sophie

    Monthly bucket list: genius!
    I’m studying to be a fitness instructor, and as soon as I’ve passed everything (soon I hope: definitely number 1 on my own bucket list!), I’d love to try to help you out with some exercise tips, interested?

  • Mason

    I like the idea of dividing the bucket lists up into monthly lists! keeps them manageable! good luck!

  • Beth @ Twinderelmo

    I’m always amazed by your stat growth, you’re bloody amazing. And well done for your viral post on such an important topic which I know is a big one for you guys
    Party sounds like it was ace and hearing you’re the best makes it so much more amazing.
    Good luck on the weight loss and costume making – I’m rubbish at making anything!

    Thanks for linking up again xxx

  • martyn

    I do enjoy these and as always I should follow your example and keep better track month on month. But like the point on commenting…I just don’t have the time! 4 jobs, HomeEd and just life makes blogging and it’s extras hard. Maybe I need to hire you

    You’ve done so well and it’s a testimonial to your dedication and determination.

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