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Monthly Bucket List

Monthly Bucket List for March 2017


Time again for my monthly attempt to keep myself organised and link up with Beth at Twinderelmo. Some months my monthly bucket list really does help with this, other months I fail a little bit. As usual I am setting myself some goals and looking back on how last month’s goals went.


A Cornish Mum dot Com beach and bucket


How I got on with my February 2017 goals.


Have a fantastic time at Butlin’s


We really did have such a great holiday at Butlin’s Minehead. The accommodation we were in was stunning and having our friends there, including Lisa from The Love of A Captain made it even better.


West Lakes accommodation Butlins Minehead lakeside


Lose weight after Butlin’s


As predicted, I did put on weight when we were at Butlin’s. The food there is just way too nice to say no to. I’ve managed to lose what I put on though and a bit more. I’m 4 lbs down since the 20th February and still working on losing some more.


Exercise a lot more

I have done a lot more exercise this month. Tonnes of walking, more squats and using the exercise bike. I really do feel good for it, plus there are some really beautiful places to walk in Cornwall and getting outside every day is a definite ongoing goal of mine.


Outside every day - Heligan Mud Maid


Finish sorting old posts


I still have some to sort, but I’ve gotten through loads of posts and sorted out old issues. It’s a work in progress, but getting there.


Give Harley a good birthday


I still can’t believe he’s 11! He had a good day though.


Clean my car


Erm … my car is still filthy, so this one is a fail.


Spring clean and major de-clutter of the house


Another big fail, but one that is being added to this month’s list. I’ve had a lot more blog work on and the house in still chaos with bits of DIY and decorating going on.


Do another YouTube video


Done! Though it is almost a cheat, as I’m not in the video. It’s a video of photos of Cornwall.



My goals for March 2017


Lose more weight – Now that I’m in the right frame of mind and doing well, I want to continue with that.


Get back into one of my pairs of jeans that I can’t currently fit in – This is kind of an extension of the first goal.


Spring clean the whole house and have a big clear out.


Finally clean my car


Finish off the boys’ bedrooms – I have such a huge expensive list of things to buy, including a bed, sofa bed, two mattresses and more – eek. It’s been a big job, but Si has been amazing and his DIY skills have been so helpful. I can’t wait to do a post and show everyone what we (mostly he) have been up to.


Enjoy both of our breaks – We are going away twice this month, once is only for a day and a night to Dorset. We leave on that one tomorrow and we’re off to Devon at the very end of March. I can’t wait, but it does mean the rest of the month is likely to be manic trying to fit everything else in.


I am going to leave it at that for this month, as it is already looking to be a very busy month. A good one hopefully though!


What are your goals for this month and did you have a good February?


Stevie x


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