Monthly Bucket List

Monthly Bucket List – November 2016


Thanks to the lovely Beth over at Twinderelmo who started the Monthly Bucket list as a linky for bloggers on her site, I’m kept organised every month with my own monthly bucket list. This time for November 2016 – whoop almost Christmas ;)


Monthly Bucket List - bucket on the beach


How I got on with my October Goals

Increase my follower numbers and site views

At the end of September there had been 178.652 site views on my blog, there have now been 186,668 views to my blog since I started it in January 2015. 

My Twitter was at 15,994 followers and now I have 16,392

My Facebook page was at 2111 likes, and now has 2198 

Instagram was 10,879 now 11,254

Pinterest was 4446 and now is at 4512

Youtube – I had 370 subscribers, and I now have 495 subscribers. I am so happy with how this has gone this month. I have also posted on there more and crazily one of my videos has had more than 2000 views in a short space of time :)

Tots 100 – Last month I was number 26 in the Tots 100 index of parent bloggers. I am currently very happy to be number 30. That’s 17 months in the top 200 now crazily.



Lose Weight


Well, I did lose some, but only after I put on more first. I’m on a mission now though and Si is helping me … apparently we’re going for runs in the evenings soon. You know, now that it’s getting nice and cold outside.


Organise my blogging better and start actually scheduling posts in advance

Yep well … epic failure. I am still writing posts and publishing on the same day pretty much all the time. I could do with more hours in the day for this.


Have a good night at the Lush event Hayleigh and I are going to tonight!

Hayleigh and I both had fun at the Lush Plymouth Christmas Party and received some lovely goody bags!



Paint Finley’s new bedroom

We actually painted both boys’ bedrooms and they look lovely. I’ll show you their rooms when they’re all finished and we have a lot to do to them still.


Plan both boy’s room makeovers out

Yes we know exactly what we want to do in both of their rooms now pretty much. I think they’ll love them when they’re all finished!


Make the most of Half Term 

Well the start of Half Term was brilliant with review stays at Seaview Holiday Village near Polperro and the Langstone Cliff hotel in Dawlish. After that with a broken car, that still isn’t fixed it went a bit downhill. It could be worse though and mostly it was a good week.


Start getting ready for Christmas more

I am a teeny tiny bit more ready than I was, but there is a lot to do still eek.


Have our wardrobes finished

It really is a huge job, but Si has made quite a lot of progress with them and I think they’ll look amazing when finished. He really is so clever at things like that.


My November Goals


Increase my followers and stats as always


Lose weight – This beggar is staying here. Although my weight did help me a bit when I fell down the stairs this week, for once the extra padding came in handy.


Get Christmas sorted – I am so used to being organised with Christmas really early on, that not having it all sorted yet is making me a little jittery.


The boys’ Christmas lists – As well as sorting Christmas out for everyone else, I want the boys to do their usual Christmas lists to help family members out for ideas on what to buy. We just need to find the time to update their Amazon wishlists.


Get as much decorating done as possible – I really want us to be finished in time for Christmas, so I’ll be helping Si as much as I can on the bigger jobs and doing as many of the smaller less muscle needing ones myself as I can.


Refresh old posts – I have just started going over my old posts and sorting some issues with them. When I changed themes several themes ago, a lot of my post layouts were slightly wrecked. I want to get them all looking good again and I am also adding in links within them to newer relevant posts. It is going to take forever, but I’ll be happy when it’s done.


I have so much to do currently, that I am going to leave my list at that for November. I think that’s plenty to aim for. I hope you all have an amazing November!



Stevie x



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