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Monthly Bucket List

Monthly Bucket List for September 2017


I am trying my hardest not to sound like a broken record and say how fast the month/year is going. Seriously though September already?! Back to School on Monday sob, but closer to Christmas Whoop!


As always here is my monthly bucket list – this time for September 2017, which I link up with the lovely Beth over at Twinderelmo.



A Cornish Mum dot Com beach and bucket


How I got on with my August 2017 Goals


Finally write the posts about the boys’ bedroom makeovers


I could lie that I have finally done this, but a quick search on my site will prove otherwise! I need to force my youngest to actually tidy his messy room for some photos … lame excuse, but I’ll pretend this is why I haven’t done it yet.


Watch some fireworks


We went to watch fireworks at Flambards and they were brilliant. We had a fun day and the fireworks just finished it off nicely. Definite success.


Fireworks Flambards


Use our National Trust memberships


We haven’t actually done this at all! However with the roads in Cornwall so manic over the last 6 weeks this was by choice in the end. We are planning lots of days out at the weekends during September now that Cornwall will be a little bit quieter.


I love how much people like coming to Cornwall, but I also love it when we can actually go for days out when it isn’t so crowded.


Keep up with my deadlines


As soon as August hit my inbox went slightly mad in a good way. With a lot of hard work I managed to keep on top of it all though, which I am pretty proud of!


Finish our bedroom


It is all done and looking lovely. It’s so nice to finally have a finished bedroom, Si did such a great job on the wardrobes and it’s a very relaxing room now.


Get ready for back to school


Finally we are all ready for Monday, this was an expensive task! Thankfully working with M&S helped with some of the uniform, but my bank account still took a real bashing.


Do a car boot


We have sorted loads of things out for doing a car boot, we just haven’t had a chance to do one yet. We definitely will though as the house needs another de-clutter!



My goals for September 2017.



Write about the boys’ room makeover – I’m determined to do this and show off Si’s hard work.


Lose more weight – I am down 4 lbs so far on my health kick which I started 2 weeks ago and feeling a lot better for it already. I have a lot more to lose though, but thankfully my head seems to be in the right place for doing it again now!


Have a brilliant time at Blogon – I am so excited about going to Blogon! You may have noticed already ha, I’m looking forward to meeting bloggy friends who I haven’t yet and making new bloggy friends. Plus of course learning in the sessions and meeting some more brands. The goody bags are meant to be pretty epic too.


Do a car boot – re-adding this one.


Reach 3000 likes on Facebook – Facebook is such a tricky one to grow, since Facebook seems to want to hide everything from everyone all the time. Cheers for that FB! I’m currently on 2865 likes.


That’s it, all of my goals for September 2017,  I hope you all have a brilliant September.


Stevie x


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